Thursday, March 17, 2011

caulking DONE!

You need to use your imagination when you view these pictures, because they are sideways and I"m too lazy to rotate them...

The first picture shows a portion of an uncaulked section of kitchen wall. You can see the wall part is yellow with white crown molding to it's right and the ceiling is white. The black hole is a cut-out in the wall. You can kinda see the gap in the bottom of the molding where it doesn't meet the wall and gappy areas above the molding where it doesn't meet the ceiling and paint tried to bridge the gap. Very bad looking. Painting the trim white emphasized all the flaws! So, painter beware! I finally got around to caulking the gaps. I had to do ALL the molding. Lucky it's a small kitchen. this is the before shot...

This is the after... Can you see the difference? It makes a HUGE difference. It looks like it should. Before, it screamed at you when you entered the room.

My current project is the kitchen sink. The garbage disposal finally went kaput, and the sink was a rusty nasty black pit, so I'm trying to take advantage to put in a little bling. But there's always something... We went to Lowe's and bought a sink, faucet set and disposal plus their installation. There was a great sale so we got bucks knocked off, plus a military discount (applies to retirees), plus the installation means no sales tax! Still expensive, but a bargain is a bargain. The plumber came yesterday to install. The disposal was not new because it was missing parts and had a hair in it!! Yuck! The exchange was easy in theory, but all the discounts made for tricky maneuvering by the cashier/manager. Got back home in time for the plumber to inform us of problem #2. The sink doesn't fit. We HAD a self-rimming sink and bought a drop-in. Apparantly even though these are both top mount, they are not different names for the same thing. Drop-ins use clips, therefore they need a bigger hole. (even though the basins are smaller!) Ugh. So, I'm trying to get a countertop company to call me back and get this done. All we need is a half inch off in width and 1/2 in. off in length of our granite. WHICH we found out the back piece was cracked. which may or may not cause a minor headache. Here is the hole.

Here is my sink and faucet waiting to be installed, laying on my dining room floor.

I'm learining to expect the unexpected.
On the plus side, my parents are visiting and helping to fill in the slack and dad is working like crazy. He's dug out some vine roots and has worked hard to eradicate the squeaks in our steps. He's done well! It's like having our own personal handyman. Except he's leaving tomorrow. :-( I'm trying to be his shadow and learn. I'm sure he's tired of my questions!