Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm still here!

I'm just so rebellious about posting these stinkin' TT's! I've had some interesting ones! This past week I dubbed "the most terrifying tuesday so far".

Anyway, I'll will try to recap, at the very least after the new year when school is back in session. The boys are out of school now and I am still nowhere near done Christmas shopping. Plus I need to learn how to skype so we can talk to my brother and his kids on Christmas day. I have skype, but he uses a different software, so I don't think it'll work. AND I'm training for that ING marathon. It takes a lot of energy to talk myself into stepping outside the door every time I do it. The cold is very draining. Not to mention that I have my cholesterol looming over my head like a vulture. I go back at the end of January to get it retested. have I been working to improve it? No. But I do think about it a lot. Too bad that doesn't count.

On to what this blog is supposed to be about. Gary had a telephone interview this past week. Whether or not he gets the job is in God's hands, but in the meantime, he's getting valuable job seeking experience. We have until 2014 when the Army will get tired of him and give him the old heave ho.

The boys are doing well in school and have made a few really nice friends. We are finally getting established with doctors and dentists. And we seem to have settled on a church. So things are going well. Not perfect, but nice.

We still haven't completely unpacked. Which is a bit shocking. We have opened all the boxes. I guess we have a lot of junk that has no good place to go (except maybe Goodwill!).