Thursday, January 31, 2008

a Jake story...

this story happened today, and is typical Jake.

The setting: a little after school Bible club that started today.  
Eleanor, the teacher,  was sharing the story about Jesus' birth and she mentioned Caesar (you know, Caesar Augustus issued a decree for a census for "taxing" purposes).  Jake pipes up with "Caesar was kidnapped by pirates, it's true!"  and we all have this stunned look on our faces and Eleanor says "is that so?  where did you learn that?"  and Jake says "I read it in a book!"
So later at home, I ask Jake to show me the book.  He digs out a Pirate book (I believe we bought it with the gift card from the grandparents, or it's a book they sent for Christmas).  And sure enough, there's a story about how Julius Caesar (the wrong caesar, but one nonetheless) was kidnapped by Cicilian pirates.  I just couldn't believe it could be true, so I googled "Julius Caesar pirate" and sure enough, came up with several articles of the incident.  By the way, what a nut job Julius Caesar was!  But it's a very interesting story.  Read this:  and also go to here:  scroll down to 75 BCE and read the last sentence there.  LOL!  Crazy man!  Who needs fiction when this sort of thing happens in real life?!
Okay, I hate to tag this onto my cute child story, but speaking of crazy...  things are so crazy here in Hawaii.  You know how when something huge happens there are copycats?  That's happening here.  I heard this made the national news, last week a little toddler was tossed over an overpass onto a highway.  Just stunningly shocking.  Horrible.  Well, a few days later, someone jumped off an overpass.  She survived.  Tonight it happened again.  Another jumper.  It's just horrible.
The day before (or was it two days?) the toddler incident, in the very town I live in, a man beat to death a woman (his ex) with a shotgun.  In the street with lots of witnesses.  Horrible.  The lady was starting to pull her life together and was growing away from this horrible man and I guess this threw him over the edge.  Huge guy with lots of priors.  Scary.  (Most of the witnesses were elderly, so you can't judge them.)  He ran her down with his car, pulled her out of her car and began to beat her.  A 69 year old neighbor tried to intervene and he got bashed in the head with the shotgun (concussion and contusions).  The shotgun was loaded.  Obviously he was blind with rage or else he would have just pulled the trigger.  scary.  Anyway, like I said, she had pulled her life together and just two weeks prior had been going to church and was saved.  Wow.
Makes you think, huh?  I know what I'm thinking...
Anyway, this is not everyday Hawaii.  It's just what's been happening lately.  I don't want to give the wrong impression.  Yes, domestic violence is bad here, I'm not denying that.
I better shut up now.  :-)

are you ready for LOST??

Just watching the season ender for last season - I hate all that commentary scrolling on the bottom, but love seeing the episode again.  To get me ready for tomorrow.  Gary bought me season 2 for Christmas and we've been watching it on weekends, but we can only get a couple of episodes in and aren't halfway through.  We usually have OCF (officer christian fellowship) on Thursday night, so we're gonna have to record it and find time to watch it.

Gary is at a "thing" tonight.  A retirement party for a General at the Governor's mansion.  It's $75 a pop, so I didn't go.  I hate those kinds of things anyway.  All Gary is concerned about it what exactly will he get for his money, food-wise!  LOL!

We have a "thing" to go to in a couple of weeks that'll be at the Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki.  I haven't been there before, but I hear it's pretty good.  I'm looking more forward to this one, since I will know some people there, plus the General who will be there is one who has been sending me "Get Well" notes on occasion.  It'll be nice to get to say thank you to him and his wife in person and put a face to a name. 

I decided to shop for this function.  I went to a little boutique in Kailua and found a cute little dress for a reasonable price.  Now I need shoes and jewelry!  LOL!  I usually avoid boutiques like the plague.  But it's impossible to find anything at Sears and Macy's, which are the only places to shop at here.  (I really can't afford the upscale stores that are geared for the Japanese tourists - much less fit into the size 0's!)

Ah, the hubby is back.  Gotta go!

Friday, January 25, 2008

banging my head against a wall

Or I should, it'd feel better than bra shopping.

Hello?  Victoria's Secret, Bali, Playtex, Hanes, Jockey, Maidenform, Barely There, Warners....  could you please take time out of your busy bra-making schedules and spend a little time bra shopping with some reconstructed gals (preferably the implant gals, but, let's include samples of all types of reconstruction to be fair, and even the un-reconstructed gals)?  It would be eye opening to you.  You've come out with a lot of new bra innovations in the last 10 years or so, but still fall short.  I KNOW you can engineer a line of bras that can help out a recon gal.  IF you just get to know us.  PLEASE take the time.  The market is HUGE!!

Call me.  (cwall me)  I can take you on my own private depressing tour.  Then get busy creating.


I know this will sound rude and presumptuous, but please don't leave comments about how you have a hard time finding a bra for your natural boobs.  I just wouldn't be able to stand it.  And no court would convict me.  ;-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

our latest newseses

Gary and I had planned a 20th anniversary trip this spring.  He has a conference to go to, and it was scheduled to be in Australia.  We have babysitters lined up and everything.  Yesterday I finally bought a travel book at the bookstore.  I think that's what did it.  Gary emailed me today to tell me that the venue was changed to Singapore!  Wow!  That will be very different.  Needless to say, I'm game for anything and this sounds very exciting.  I need to find out everything there is to know - because Gary will be working 9-5 the whole week.  It's one thing to wander around Sydney where at least they speak a semblance of English - but Singapore sounds so exotic!  I'll need to be able to get around, handle the money, eat, be a tourist (on my own).  Anyone has any help, I'm open to it!!

On other fronts, our school has graciously opened itself up to us having a Good News Club after school.  It has been a previously rejected idea.  I'm not going to be the teacher, but I will be a helper.  11 kids have signed up so far!!  This is very exciting!  My doubtful self was figuring maybe 3 or 4 kids, tops.  (including my 2)  Well I should have known better.  God opened the doors, so obviously he had plans.

One of my new year's  resolutions was to put what I learned about training for a marathon to use.  Lots of people say life is like a race, or like a marathon - but life is really like TRAINING for a marathon and the major events in your life are the races that you have been preparing for.  I've learned that in order to finish the race, with grace, you have to train.  Consistently.  The race itself is not the goal necessarily.  Many benefits come from what you gain in the training.  And you need to enjoy the training.  Make that effort to look for the joy.  Plus, some days you just have to make yourself do it.  And some days you just can't - but make those few and far between. 

So all that is leading up to my resolution.  I've resolved to do the read-the-bible-through-in-a-year program.  This is probably my 4th or 5th time in my life.  It's time. 

So far, so good.  Just wait till I get to Chronicles.  The begats.  That's a tough time.

One more tidbit of fun news.  I'm going to take surfing lessons.  On SuperBowl Sunday!  Yipee!  It'll be fun.  I can wear a rash guard (shirt) and board shorts over my bathing suit, so I won't be worrying about my belly and little boob.  I have a friend (from the vortex) that got lessons (certificate) as a Christmas gift.  She's going with a company called "Girls Who Surf".  It's girls, who teach the surfing lessons.  Takes you away from that shyness hump.  Plus, going with friends who are equally novice as you, makes it even more fun.  We just won't mention that I have lived here a year and a half and have not gone into the ocean deeper than my waist yet.  LOL!  And it's gonna be cold and jellyfish!  (these are my fears)  We just won't think about sharks and coral reef.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the results so far

I guess I ought to report on the surgery.  I think it's good so far.  He did not go up in size, but it is a different type of implant with a different projection.  What really has made the most difference is the work he did on the pocket and the fold.  Looks more natural.  Plus, I don't have the rippling and weird feeling bumps underneath the skin (from the wrinkling effect gravity has on the implant).  Let's just say I'm done with this part of reconstruction.  I'm satisfied. 

The bad news is the redness is back.  He tried to take care and use less adhesive - but alas, steri strips require adhesive, and my skin does not like it.  I've washed and I've used a cotton swab with alcohol, but the adhesive is still on there.  I can feel it on there.  It really needs a good scrub, but I'm not doing that!!  Not yet!  I'm also itching.  It's like an itching inside.  Argh!  See, I don't have feeling on the surface, but I'm suspecting that there must be some regain of feeling in the deep tissues that is having that healing itch.  there is a sensitive spot near my armpit that I can gently rub, and it has the affect of scratching.  So I get a little relief there, but reallly, I shouldn't scratch.  It'll be okay once I'm ready to pull off those steri strips.

All in all, if that's all I have to complain about, then there's really nothing to complain about!


Friday, January 11, 2008

sad news

Ms. Dottie passed away this morning.  I just found out.  She's whole and well with the Lord, but it's still sad.

I don't know how to tell the boys, but we will have to.  I'm sure it will be talked about freely at church and I want us to tell them first.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm home!

doing fine.  Took a little nap and have been eating non-stop.  Just little stuff.  Chicken N Stars soup, crackers, rice krispy treat.  I've drunk two bottles of water so I think I've earned the diet pepsi I'm drinking to wipe out the cobwebs from my head.

I'm not in any pain.  Well, the back of my hand hurts.  Both IV sites are swollen.  The anesthesiologist was very sympathetic and drugged me up well and sent me home with pills (phenergen), so no throwing up.

I can't wait until tomorrow for the unveiling.  I hope my hopes aren't too high - but they're pretty high!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

and now we have palate expanders!

I'm sure that many, many of my future journal entries will be about Jake's new palate expanders.  He got the one on his lower teeth before Christmas, but the dentist couldn't get the top ones on, so he had to be remolded and that sent of for new ones to be made.  Today he got the top ones on and the bottom ones recemented (of course, he knocked it off after a few days of getting it, he's a boy, what do you expect). 

So, twice  week I have to "turn" it.  Whew.  At least it's not every day.  I hope this process doesn't take too long.  I'm already tired of brushing and flossing around the thing, now I have to worry about the uppers too.  Do they still sell that waterpik thing?  That might be worth getting to shoot the food out from inbetween all the wires and stuff.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

the daily report...

I feel like I'm keeping a death watch.  I'm not really.  It's just that today we went to church as usual and got the latest update on Dottie.  I think I mentioned in a previous entry that her mother was in the hospital for heart problems and she has alzheimers and she wanted her mom to go before she did.  Well, Dottie's mom passed away on Friday.  So, while it's sad when anyone passes, it's a rejoicing now that she's in heaven in the presence of Jesus with a whole body and whole mind.

But this week Dottie has become bedridden and is on a morphine drip.  You know what it means when they give you an unlimited supply of pain meds.

The boys and I took the food to them on Friday.  There was a group of people there, which I found out later that they usually have a parade of people coming in and out of their house.  That's how well liked the family is.  So anyway, since I had to park on the street, I just kinda shoved the food at them, the boys gave them the cards and the violet and we left.  Dottie's wheelchair was there, but she was not taking visitors.  I did not know at the time that she was bedridden.  I also didn't know that her mom had just died.

I was a basket case at church today.  I noticed that our sunday school class (obligatory) tissue box was almost empty after today.  So I bought a box to bring next week.  I hope we have no need for it, but I think we may anyway.  We are a crying bunch on any given Sunday.


So, I'm embarrassed to even mention this, but I'm having surgery on Thursday.  I'm getting my saline implant swapped for a silicone.  I met with my plastic surgeon and feel confident that we are on the same page.  It should be an easy surgery.  I also talked to an anesthesiologist, which is usual when you do the pre-op stuff.  I told him about how I threw up all day whenever I ate or drank - and was fine the next morning.  He joked with me about how I assumed it was the anesthesia - of course it was!!  He said yeah.  BUT the turd said there wasn't much they could do about it.  They could tweak what they use, but they don't know what they use or some sort of nonsense.  He made a note on my file and told me to tell the anesthesiologist on the day of surgery.  I forgot to ask about anti-nausea meds.  I guessI could just bear it and enjoy the weight loss for a day.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

the cards...

Jake and Ryan made the cutest cards.  They don't like to color, so it's just written in pencil. 


on the front Ryan's says: I hope you fell better Mrs. Dottie.  (big heart)

inside: You are a great Teacer Mrs. Dottie (heart, heart, heart)  To: Mrs Dottie  From: Ryan

on the front of Jake's: I Hope you feel Better

inside: (heart) I Love You, Mrs. Dottie.  I Hope you'r felling well.  you are the best sunday School theacher In the world!!!  (drawing of the front of a Bible and an open Bible with a line drawn to it saying "bible")  love: Jake

on the back: (a large rectangle with a fat cross inside)

I know those cards would put a smile on my face.  (but I'm biased)  And I didn't even have to threaten them to get them to make them. 

I explained to them that Ms. Dottie was not feeling good, and that's why we were taking her a meal, to help.  They already knew she has cancer, and they know she has a big family.  I had to explain why she was in a wheelchair.  They took it very well.  Yes, I've told them this before, but they are kids and they forget.

We also bought a purple violet plant.


On another note, my little nephew is in the hospital.  I just talked to his mom (my SIL).  They admitted him because he hasn't been drinking or taking his medicine (due to a sore throat) and fevers.  He has been diagnosed with RSV, both ears infected and his tonsils and adenoids are swollen.  He's feeling better now, with an IV and antibiotics in him.  My SIL, Charity said that they have quarrantine signs posted and the cafeteria people just knock on the door and leave the food!

loss for words...

I'm 42 years old, was not long ago diagnosed with cancer (for a short stint) and still don't know how to talk to people when they are gravely ill.  You'd think I'd have learned something...

I'm scheduled to bring a meal to Dottie tomorrow, so I called up today to set a time and ask if bbq chicken sounded good.  One of her sons answered the phone so I asked for Dottie and he said she wasn't taking calls - so I know right then that she's not feeling good.  Told the son why I was calling and he passed me off to dad (who I've never talked to before) - made the arrangements and then I asked how Dottie was doing.  He said she wasn't feeling good, and then the bumbling begins.  I say something about of course she's not feeling good (how dumb is that?), tell her we are praying for her and we love her and wish her the best (wish her the best??  is she playing a game? ugh) and then I say I'm sorry I'm not very good at this and he has a wonderful comeback "I'm not good at this either", and then I sign off saying I'll see you tomorrow.

I really think it ought to be mandatory that we memorize appropriate phrases that are comforting and not dumb for the moments we have not adequately prepared.

So today the boys and I are going to make snickerdoodles to go with the chicken and I want them to make cards for Dottie - since they like her and she's been their sunday school teacher this year.  Get well soon?  That's hardly appropriate.  Maybe just a We love you Miss Dottie.  They are not crazy about drawing (or writing) so this will mean I'll have to stand on them to get it done.  But that's all I can think of.  If you have any good ideas, I'd appreciate it.

I'm trying to pull myself together before we head out to the grocery store.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

let's take a peek in my fridge, shall we?

This is the day before Christmas, as you can see by the time stamp.  Milk, eggs, pineapple, pita pockets, peas, Subway cup, bottles of water, diet pepsi, juice.... hey, what's that?  What's that glass of bright orange liquid next to the pitcher of frozen orange juice?  Why, it's freshly squeezed orange juice from the orange tree in my own back yard!!  Why look how bright the color is!  It looks like Tang, but it's not!  And how does it taste?  Delicious!

And this is the tree!  Absolutely loaded with oranges.  Or so it was, before I told the yard guys to help themselves.  Oh sure, we have plenty of more, green oranges.  The less rotten oranges in my yard, the better.  This is the same tree that had a total of 3 oranges on it last year when we moved in.  I'd like to tell myself that the tree is exceptionally happy to have our family in it's yard, but I'm thinking the reality is it alternates producing and fallow years. 

Yes, I'm journaling a LOT today.  I don't know why.  I've cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the jalousies with bleach water, dusted, I'm doing laundry, played on the Wii with the boys, read, I've been busy - but it's been a long day.  This is Gary's first day back to work...  Miss him...

UH didn't win

UH didn't win the Sugar Bowl.  :-(  It was very quiet here on the island.  You can bet if we were winning, I'd hear the shouts and cheers from around the neighborhood. 

Check out this little You tube video:

It's a commercial.  It's of gingerbread men doing the haka.  Which is a little chant thingy.  The UH team goes out on the middle of the field before the start of their games and does the haka.  Now I don't know if it's their own haka (their own words or what), but it seems a little bit different. (I guess gingerbread men look different than real men)  What's funny is the controversy over it.  I did a search to see if I could find a video of UH doing it's haka.  I found a pretty poorly video'd one and the comments under it are crazy.  People getting all worked up over how their culture (New Zealand, Maori) is being infringed upon.  Not to get into it, but Hawaii is truly a melting pot of Pacific Island cultures and nationalities.  Let's cut some slack for da bruddahs, ya?  It's a cool ting and dey look fierce!!

Seriously, talking about fierce.  The UH players have the craziest hairdo's.    Wild and long.  It's kinda fun.

But, not to be disloyal, but how can I be loyal to a college that I didn't go to and is not in the family line at all..... Anyway, I'm not too surprised that they lost.  After all, it was an SEC team!(ahem)  I'm just saying...  Not that I'm a Georgia fan.  BTW,


Now you know where my loyalties lie.  Deep.

surfer photos

This is one of the things we did this weekend.

Went to the North Shore and it seems there had been a surfing contest.  They were handing out trophies when we walked up.

The water is crowded with surfers still.  I don't really get out there to watch surfers, so I don't know if this is normal.  Look how flat the water is!

Here is a shot of some surfing.  Not great.  Point and shoot is not good for this type of shot.

It was very cloudy all day.  The North Shore is a very romantic place to go to see some spectacular sunsets.  This one isn't great, but the sky was pretty, several shades of blue.  Trust me, this looks a lot better bigger and in person.

Surfer dude.

Surfer girl heading out.

See the tall figure in the way back?  He's back there in the calmer waters, standing on his surfboard with a paddle.  It's a popular new form of exercise.  Okay, so it may not be new, but it's new to me and the general public.  It's way cool to see.  Again, wrong camera!

2008 - here I come!!

Happy New Year!!

how we celebrated:  we stayed in, I grilled pork chops, made black eyed peas, had some Ben & Jerry's, shot off our package of fireworks and fell asleep watching an episode of Lost on my season 2 Christmas gift pack.

Just could not keep our eyes open, despite all the noise going on outside.  We had done the Diamond Head hike with the boys earlier yesterday.

at the top - looking down into the crater, that's where the parking is.  However, the lot was full, so we had to park at a nearby park and walk up the hill to the crater, get our ticket and then take the hike up to the top.  It was sooooo crowded.

Halfway back down.

I'm going to save this then start a new entry with North Shore pictures...  Watching the new Biggest Loser right now.