Tuesday, September 25, 2007

LOST sighting, this is a biggie!!

Matthew Fox - confirmed!!

Our family was eating at Quiznos Saturday afternoon.  We almost ate at Big City Diner, but it had a line.  So we were eating our subs, sitting on the stools inside, and I glance over at the man who was ordering.  I noticed he had several tattoos.  He had his hand on his hip and I was looking at the rather large, cartoonish (very colorful) tattoo on his arm, around his inner elbow area.  What an odd place to have a (awful, IMO) tattoo, I thought to myself.  Then I saw his profile.  Gasp!  Is that Jack?  So I punch Gary and ask him.  We got several full face views of him.  He looked directly at us.  I'm sure he thought we were nuts or rude because we didn't even smile - if he were a regular person, I would've smiled.  No, I gawked and analyzed.  His voice did not rule him out.  But we didn't know if he had children.  He was with a girl.  What really threw us off was that he was so thin.  "Slight" is the word that came to mind.  Gary just told me he googled Matthew Fox and found out he indeed has a 10 year old girl and he has tattoos where I saw them which are covered up in LOST.  Bingo!!  We have a winner!!

But wait, the excitement continues!!

From Quiznos we went to Long's drugs.  They were having a sale on Ma Po Tofu packaged sauce and I just had to have some so I could try to make it myself at home.  We were still kinda talking about M.F.  I was in the chinese foods aisle all by myself when Gary rushes up to me and whispers that Hurley (Jorge Garcia) was in the next aisle!!  So of course I make my way over there and pretend to look at stuff nearby.  Hurley was standing there, stock still, contemplating the Pam and oils.  Gary told me he bought some basics, like oil, and a pot and detergents.  So, my first thought was that the LOST cast has moved back and they are filming again.  But then again, didn't we just see Jorge at Buzz's a few months ago?  Did he move away and back?  Why does he need to restock? (and at Longs for crying out loud) Or is he buying stuff for someone else?!!

Stay tuned.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

Monday, September 24, 2007

my team for the Komen race for the cure...

Well, I created a team.  Here's the link if you have any notion of donating: http://race.komenhawaii.org/site/TR/Race/General?team_id=1680&pg=team&fr_id=1000&et=Bav7dYpa3emu5hlyMhFeWg..&s_tafId=1000

It is bare bones basic folks.  I do not  have the time to do all the fancy stuff, not that I wouldn't love to though.  What's even more pitiful, is that when I created the team, I was in a hurry, so I didn't make an extra donation at the time, just paid the race fee - and went back later to make the donation, in the wrong spot!  So the team didn't get credited for the donation!  Fooey.

Now I have to drum up team members.  They require 10 for a team.  3 of my friends have told me they would do it - we'll see.  I invited some friends from church - again, we'll see.  I'll ask some moms on the playground.

The playground.  major drama there.  Conflict with the school, the state, the PTSA and the community.  It sounds like lawyers were involved.  Talk of fencing it in and making it a school only thing.  This has got all of us in an uproar.  It is truly a special playground.  I need to post pictures.

We went to the University of Hawaii football game last night.  A first for the boys.  It was good for them because UH scored over and over.  A very high scoring game (for us).  What I didn't like is that the fans shred up the bulletins and throw it like confetti.  Pure trash on the field.  Nasty.  Too ghetto for me.


*edited to say that my team name is POKIE MOMS

Thursday, September 20, 2007


so I'm googling pokemon and clipart and breast and all that stuff to get t-shirt ideas.  And a medical article pops up about pokemon and breast cancer.  What??  Here's what I found:

In a January issue of the science journal Nature, Pier Paolo Pandolfi of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York described the cancer-causing POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic gene, calling it Pokemon in the process.

Not pleased by the rush of headlines proclaiming <A class=gslink href="http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/halflifecounterstrike/news.html?page=1&sid=6117482" _element_extended_="true">"Pokemon causes cancer," Pokemon USA threatened legal action against the center to have the name of its popular game and trading card series disassociated from the gene, reports the latest issue of Nature. The center has complied with Pokemon USA's demands, and now refers to the gene by the much less-catchy name Zbtb7, Nature reports.

Is that not weird or what??

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

musings about marathon

I was realizing that if I had not signed up for this marathon, if I did not have this goal, I would not have exercised as much and as consistently as I have done.  It would be so easy to say, "it's too hot", or "not on a Saturday, that's family time", or "it's cloudy and might rain".  But, now that I have this goal, I do something come what may.  Now, if you are an athlete, you probably knew this.  But I'm not even remotely athletic.  This is such a revelation to me!  I think I may have to string together race after race for the rest of my life!!

Speaking of races... I'm getting a team together for the Komen race for a cure.  I just thought of it today and have recruited 3 friends so far.  I'm very excited!  We need to think up a team name, and maybe put together a team shirt...  tee-hee!  Not to mention I need to start running!  I don't know if I can run 3 miles - much less 1 mile.  I wonder if I can speed walk it and still not come in last place?  (considering I'm not much of a speedwalker)  We were tossing around team names - I came up with Pokie-Moms, since our boys are so into Pokemon.  If the dads join then they can be Pokie-Dads, and if the kids do the fun run then they can be the Pokie-keiki.  I'm open to ideas.  We could even be intimidating... like the skull crushers or something.  (should that be boob crushers? but that's not for mixed company...)

We have to register by the 27th and the race is October 21.  That will be one week and one year after my mastectomy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I saw my future...

I saw my future yesterday, and it wasn't pretty.  I dunno.  Have I been deluding myself?  What happened was during my walk I passed an older lady walking.  Wearing regular clothes, not exercise clothes.  And she had one perfect, perky, immobile boob (obviously an implant or a falsie), and one natural, droopy, mobile boob.  Very obvious.  Kinda odd.  So.  That's what I'm going to look like in a few years when my lifted boob decides to succumb to gravity.  I'm not going to dwell on it - but I was just surprised that I was able to actually see that.  Yes, I'm fixated on women's boobs - but not for the reason men are!  It's just a natural occurance from this wild ride I've been on.  What surprised me was how obvious it was - yes, it was.  And more surprising was my reaction.  Averting my eyes, quickly.  I can't even describe my emotions.  Which further solidifies my resolve to get things right.  And to make sure I wear good bras.  She could have used a good sports bra - all that mashing helps even things out and pins things down.  Or something supportive...  Anyway, it's more a note to self...

The tofu cooking class last night was so fun!  I can't wait for tomorrow.  We made the best chocolate pie.  It was so rich and delicious.  It had kahlua in it.  I don't drink at all, but it was good anyway.  Last week they had made a traditional recipe that the teacher had frozen and she whipped that out and nuked it for me and another lady who had missed the class.  Um, it is an acquired taste!  She was totally gracious about it.  I'm just a haole.  But, hey, it had fungus in it and I hate mushrooms, so I think I'm quite the sport for tasting it at all.  All in all, I gained a few pounds last night!  LOL!  Can't wait for tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm still here...

but oh so busy!

I'm still training for the marathon.  I was scheduled to do 12 miles Saturday, but due to route change, I did 13 miles.  First time eating during a walk and it made me miserable!  And I didn't eat much!  My stomach has got to get with it and learn to digest while walking.  I hit the wall at least a dozen times.  It was awful.  But, that's what the training is all about.  Work out these kinks so it won't happen during the marathon.

I've got a group of moms that come to my house on Fridays to pray for the schools and our kids for an hour.  I'm not the leader, just the host.  And I'm glad to do it.  Did I already write about this?  it forces me to clean my house every week - so Gary is happy.  But that's not why I'm happy to do it.  I've been praying for an opportunity like this ever since I started going to moms in touch.  I tried to host before, but I had a cat, which is terrible for people who have allergies.  No cat this time!  No excuses.

On Monday mornings I go in to the school and help the parent liason - mostly making copies and distributing things.  No big deal.  Just helping ease her load.

On Monday nights I doing a Beth Moore bible study.;  That started tonight.  It's gonna be good!!  So that may consume all my extra time - may not get to journal with any sort of frequency.

My tofu cooking class started last week - and I missed it!  I had it in my head that it was starting tomorrow!  Wah!  It's like a nightmare...  And there are only 4 classes.  Well, I guess it's a good thing that I'm not being graded - but I really wanted to learn some things.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.  Maybe there were some handouts - or I'll get a refund and take it next semester.

The boys are doing good.  We are working on writing thank you notes.  It's slow going.

Still doing weight watchers.  Weighed in today.  I lost another 1.2 pounds putting me at a total 10.8 pounds lost!!  yeah!

Oh, I wanted to add that I'm taking another meal to my friend that is going through chemo.  I believe I"ve mentioned her before - she has 7 kids, homeschools them and her husband is deployed.  He was due home today - I hope he made it home fine.  I'm not about to call and disturb!!!  Anyway, I found out that she was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant with her youngest - who is now 9!  She became wheelchair bound just a year after diagnosis.  Her cancer metastesized into her bones, I think, and just recently was found in her liver.  So she's been battling this thing for at least 9 years!  She's totally sweet.  She works in the boys' sunday school class.  I tell them when I'm taking a meal to her family and, in typical boy fashion, they say "again??"  I have to remind them that she is ill and on chemo.  I guess her personality transcends the wheelchair.  I'm going to get them to draw a picture for her for when I take the meal.  I'm feeling like breakfast, so I'm taking a apple-cinnamon raisin french toast strata.  And sausage patties.  I got the strata recipe from one of my online friends.  She says it's her Christmas breakfast staple - I haven't eaten it, but if it's good enough for a special meal like Christmas breakfast, then it's good enough for Dottie.  Unfortunately, Tuesday is Dottie's chemo day, so she may not even get a chance to eat any.  But I hope her family enjoys it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

birthday bash!

I've been a little busy (who hasn't?).  We've been celebrating this birthday for days now.

The bowling party was a blast.  I'm sure the manager is glad we are out of there.  The kids were loud, wild and crazy.  They did little break dances after each bowl, chanted "ryan! ryan! ryan!" (or whoever's name), and the Pokemon card trading!!  Oy!  Worse than the exchange.  I had put a Pokemon card in each of the goody boxes and I made the mistake of letting them open the boxes.  Immediately the trading began! 

But, it's over.  Phew!  Finally.

The boys' big gift from us were skateboards, complete with new kneepads and elbow pads.  They love it!  As you can see they immediately began playing with them.  They are not adept, but I imagine that will soon be overcome.

You'll have to excuse the fashion in the pictures.  The boys were still in their sleep clothes.  Which is underwear and pajama tops or t-shirt.  Ryan had his on inside out and backwards!  Typical.

Yes that is me in the present picture wearing the blue shirt and glasses.  Little story on the glasses... I was awoken early saturday morning (1:30 am), rudely awoken, by my bladder.  Oh the pain!  Of course these things happen at the worse possible time.  So I ended up in the ER - it was an empty ER and they were glad to take me.  Gave them something to do.  I now have antibiotics and that lovely med that relieves the pain, but can stain your contacts.  Small price to pay for relief.

I lost another 1.8 pounds, despite all the birthday cake and junk food on Saturday.  I'm liking this weight watchers thing.