Friday, July 25, 2008

pictures in Maui

We took a 3night/4day trip to Maui this past weekend.  I'm not going to bother posting pictures of the scenery, because frankly, I didn't take a whole lot of those kinds of pictures.  Some, but not really a lot.  This is my 3rd trip to Maui.  But I do want to post a few family pictures I took there.

Okay, picture loading problems, so I'll have to summarize here while you browse through the album above.

First, Jake and Ryan at the summit of Haleakala.  It's the dormant volcano in Maui.  The elevation is 10,000 ft., so it was quite cold, rainy and windy.  It was around 43degrees, so that long sleeved t-shirt and thin jacket and shorts just didn't cut it.  (at least we weren't wearing slippahs like some other tourists there!)  there was no view that day.

The next picture is me and Gary and my dumb hat.

Next, it's a horrible picture, but I had to include it so I could deconstruct it.  I'm feeling that the dumb hat would have served me well to cover up the out of control, curly, wild, gray hair and the large Henderson forehead.  Notice the belly bulging on one side.  I always saw this on myself, but never realized that it was visible to others until I saw this picture.  I'm horrified.  Here's the explanation of what is going on here:  From various surgeries, I have a large scar going from my bellly button down.  I've always had a bit of a "butt belly" where it goes in at the scar and bulges out on either side - like a butt.  (doesn't that sound pretty?)  The last surgery was for my c-section and after then is when I started noticing that one side bulged more than the other.  Now I know it's not just in my mind.  Oh, I'm holding up the peace sign because that is a Peace Pole I'm standing next to. (and that's my Honolulu Marathon finisher shirt I'm wearing <wink>)

The next picture is a nice one of the family.  We are at an overlook somewhere on the infamous "road to Hana".  This may be our Christmas photo this year.

The last photo our waiter took for us.  We were at a little organic pizza joint in a hippy town (at the beginning of the road to Hana) named Paia.  It had a fabulous homemade wood fire oven where they cooked the pizzas.  The restaurant is called Flatbread Pizza and I highly recommend it.  So let me tell you about our experiences in this town.  When we embarked on our road to Hana trip, I had some food leftover from the Haleakala trip the prior day that I had packed for my lunch, so the guys needed to pick up sandwiches for their picnic lunch.  We stopped at what I thought was a small grocery store - called Mana foods (IIRC).  It was a natural foods grocery store!!  LOL!  It was so funny seeing the expression on their faces.  Like ducks out of water.  I directed them to the deli counter and pointed out that they could make them turkey or roast beef sandwiches that didn't have sprouts bursting out of the sides.  LOL!  And guess what?  They even have chips!  So they were set with minimal fatalities.  The next day, our last day in Maui, our plane didn't leave until 2:45, so we had time for lunch.  I had read about the pizza place, and they agreed to go there.  Hey, it's pizza, how strange could it be?  When the waiter started talking about the organic and healthy ingredients they use, I was a little nervous.  Not for me, but for them.  We found a cheese pizza and a pepperoni pizza.  The pepperoni was, naturally, nitrite (nitrate?) free.  Whew.  They survived.  The salad was delicious, even if it was topped with some sort of seaweed stuffs.

Well, it's getting late.  My next entry will be about our water park adventure.  We still have our sunburns from that.

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lanurseprn said...

I never would have noticed the tummy. You are WAY too critical. I DID notice a beautiful smile and you also have FABULOUS legs!! WOW girl! I wish mine looked that good!
Boy it was cold up there. When we were recently in Mammoth it is also 10,000ft up, but it wasn't that cold.
Your boys are so handsome and these are wonderful family photos. I'm glad you all had such a good time.
Pam xoxox