Thursday, July 31, 2008


I know I said I was going to talk about the water park, but I'm too lazy to scan the photos that they took of us as we came hurtling out of the water slide.  I'll get it done though.

It's just that I saw a little preview of the newest Housewives show on Bravo.  It's Housewives of Atlanta (something like that).  Let me say, those people are living large.  Unimaginable wealth.  Conspicuous consumption.  I don't know, it just seemed even more than the Orange County or NYC housewives.  Some of them are/were professional athletes.  So, you can imagine the bucks involved.  It will be interesting because all but one of the women are black.  At first I wasn't sure why they picked the white chick, but then I saw why when I saw how she bought an Escalade after a short phone call to her sugar daddy bigbucks.  That she's DATING.  So beyond anything I could imagine.  So it'll be interesting to watch.  Not that i want to live like that.

The whole Atlanta thing sparked my interest because my sights are set on Atlanta at the moment.  Gary came home telling me about a job opening there.  Civilian job.  It's at a base that's on the BRAC list, so it's slated to move to Ft. Eustis in 2011.  Does Ft. Eustis sound familiar to you?  Well, that's where we were living before we moved here!  We moved there at the start of this journal.  Gary told me about the job and I immediately got online and began to look at houses FOR SALE!  This is a huge deal for me since we've never owned a home.  The next day Gary popped my bubble, I think he got cold feet.  He told me he was just thinking about applying for the job.  Here I am ready to sign up for the Disney marathon!  I've got our lives planned out already!  Um, do you know how many houses are for sale in the Atlanta area??  It's unreal.  Overwhelming.  And with a BRAC move coming up, it'd be impossible to sell, and then the houses would be jacked up in the Eustis area with all the new people moving in.  anyway...that's just being negative... LOL!

On related news, Gary told me today that the assignment officer for O5's is someone we know well.  So if he gets passed over again and we decide to stay in, we may get a shot at actually choosing our next assignment.  Yeah, we can dream.

I talked to my mom today.  She's been really missing us.  She misses all her grandchildren.  I know a lot has to do with the fact that they just moved back to Alabama, and us kids are so scattered.  She was just begging us today to apply for Huntsville.  Um, you don't apply for jobs, and there has to be something open.  I kinda thought they might be happy about the Atlanta thing.  That's not too far from either Alabama or NC.  No.  She told me her dream was for us or my brother to buy the big house (they bought the little MIL cottage on the property and the Big House is still for sale) and all of us to live next to each other.  Yep.  She can dream.  Ain't happening.  My brother has declared he didn't ever want to live there again.  He's one of those that once broken free of the small town he doesn't want to go back.  Me, I'm homesick for it.  I would LOVE to live in the big house.  Tear down that 5 car garage and put in a ginormous pool.  I'm a southern belle at heart.  I want to live in The Big House.

It's late.  I need to hit the sheets.  School starts early tomorrow.  Oh, yeah.  School started today.  It was a short day, but the boys enjoyed it fine.  Ryan came home with a fever.  He still had it at bedtime, so he'll probably stay home tomorrow.  We'll see how he feels.  Stink way to start school.

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