Friday, August 15, 2008

cholesterol results

drumroll please...

for the first time in my 43 years of life, my cholesterol is


here are the stats:

total: 195

HDL: 54

LDL: 124

Triglycerides: 83

plus all my other bloodwork is normal except my white cells elevated, but I've got a bad cold I've been fighting for 9 days.  I'm at the hacking cough stage.  Nyquil has been my nighttime friend.

To recap, last year stats were:

total: 224

hdl: 41

ldl: 156

triglycerides: normal (unspecifide)

I am so beyond thrilled, to say the least.  The WW Core plan is exactly how I need to eat.  I've never been a person who could get away with anything, and so it goes with my body.  Why should I expect anything different?  So, if I have to eat very strictly healthy foods only, then that's what I shall do.  I've been really happy on Core, with only little splurges here and there.  I have not been hungry - maybe I'll crave, especially depending on hormonal fluctuations - and I like the freedom to eat to satisfaction without having to measure every single morsel of food that goes in my mouth.  So now I'm going to have to become a full-fledged food snob.  :-)

So how is this affecting the family?  Gary is losing weight.  I don't know why.  I make them biscuits and french fries and stuff, they've only gotten a few new foods like barley and bulgur.  Whatever.  That's the way it is with men.  Jake - well the other day I made a chicken and barley casserole that has chopped up carrot (and this time I snuck in chopped up broccoli that no one noticed) and he mixed his corn in with it while he ate.  Think about it.  That's kinda unusual behavior for kids.  It was awesome!! Gotta love this kid.  Ryan - different story.  He complained the other night that we've been eating too many bird foods (heaven forbid we have chicken twice a week!).  So tonight I made ham.  "Awwwww, why do you keep making stuff like this?"  me- "what? it's ham, not bird! what do you want?" him "I want things like pizza!".  Ahhhh.  I see.  Not enough "fun food".  (never mind we had pizza twice last week)  p.s. he loved the ham -  tastes like bacon he said.  :-D

EDITED TO ADD:  I've lost 11 pounds so far since I've started WW in June.  Woo-hoo!

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purplehazebarn said...

Congratulations!  Eating healthy, and losing weight has to be a winning  combination. Keep up the good work!  LaVern