Tuesday, August 5, 2008

this and that

I had my "well woman" visit today.  He put in referrals for a cholesterol test and mammogram.  I'm looking forward to the results of the cholesterol test.  The man hesitated when I told him that I wanted the results, good or bad.  He said he doesn't usually call if they are good.  Well, I want to know!  I need numbers.  (I'm eating as healthy as I can in a sustainable manner - if I can't control it now eating like this, I'll never be able to) He did acquiesce, but I did not like the hesitation.  He also hesitated when I asked him to check my back for moles.  In fact, he just checked the one I was concerned about - but here's the thing, I can't SEE my back, so how do I know if there is any other area of concern??  He's not my PCM.  Next time I'll hold out for her.  She wouldn't hesitate.  Oh, he also accused me of not taking my bp meds.  My bp was high, but he didn't bother to retest.  The computer did not have one of my meds listed, so he accused me of letting it lapse.  I set him straight, but he still gave me 'tude and believed the computer and not me.  I'm honest to a fault, so this was distressing to me.

Gary submitted his resume' today.  Fingers crossed!

I've got the start of a sore throat.  I started the Zicam tonight.  I hope it's not too late.

Oh, one good thing about the doc, he said that my recon was good.  He couldn't even tell.  I'm assuming that since he came in the room already knowing about my bc, you can't help but look at someone's boobs when you are armed with that information.  So whether he was looking or not, nothing stood out as noticable to him.  And that's what I want.

The nurse who was chaperoning noted that I had keloid scars where my good side was lifted.  Yes, I knew that, but it was good to hear it from someone who knows.  She gets them herself and she's black.  Darker skinned folks are more prone to keloids.  I knew it was either hypertrophic or keloid, but it was good to hear it confirmed by someone else.  The doc (plastic surgeon) has been brushing it off.  Maybe he's just been putting it off.  Anyway, I'm going to bring it up again.  I've got an appointment for the end of the month.  I think my recon scar has faded enough for us to begin work on the final touches.  The cherry on top, so to speak.  :-)

Big announcement:

I'm not ready for adolescence.  Or the pre-teen years/mouth.  One of my friend's is on the mainland for a week.  We had agreed that I'd walk her kids to school and then meet them at the playground afterwards and they hang with me until their 12 year old brother gets home and then he watches them until the dad gets home.  (he's coming home early)  The two I'm watching are 7 and 10.  They are super independent kids.  Allowed lots of freedoms.  Lots.  The first day I let them talk me into walking them home right after school.  I had gotten the gist from the parents that they were okay for about an hour and it would be about 10 minutes til brother was due home.  Anyway, the next day I was asked to keep them with me for a bit longer before taking them home.  Okay, no problem, message received and relayed to kids.  They left the playground without me!!  I searched for 45 minutes before finding them at some neighbors house.  Oh my word!!  They were not paying attention when I told them 3 times where I was sitting.  They didn't see me and just went home, but home was locked.  When I found them the 10yo was like "where were you" with that tone you should not use with an adult.  It was argumentative.  As in, he was already forming his defense.  Then the attitude I got later trying to get them to go to my house, since they were locked out of their house.    Oh, I could go on.  I know it doesn't sound bad here, you had to be there.  Today went more smooth, but when I asked 10yo whether he heard from his mom, he was all eye rolling and mouthy "yeah, she calls like twice a day, all the time, sometimes three times a day" (which I think is sweet) so I said "awww, she misses you" (no positive response, negative grumbling and eye rolling) and I said", it's like she didn't even leave" and he jumped all over that "yeah! it's just like she didn't even leave".  I wanted to smack him.  His mom is so cute and sweet.

Makes me love my own kids all the more.

10 years old is not that far away.  They had better not get that attitude in just 1+ years.

I told myself all weekend that my friend is counting on me to make sure her kids are safe.  That's what she's depending on, and that's what I would want in her place.  Plus I really don't wish harm on them.  I have to grow a backbone and stand firm when I need to.  (I do not have a backbone with other people's kids)  I also read an article in the Sunday paper that was about the struggles of the middle school years, and that helped to have an insight into the insanity that kids go through at this age.  10 years old isn't quite middle school, but close, and the 12 year old has the 'tude too.

Anyway, that's not even addressing that I think 12 is too young to look after younger brothers...

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lanurseprn said...

I've been so blessed with my son. IF he had that tude, it wasn't with me.