Sunday, October 19, 2008

Komen race for the cure

This is what I did this morning ...
Excuse the gray hair and glasses, after all, it was 5:30 in the morning! This doesn't even begin to show what I looked like at the end of the race. Imagine bright pink shoelaces on my serious running shoes, and energizer bunny ears atop my bright pink cap - and a lei. Like my t-shirt? Had I known there was a t-shirt contest I would have bought another one to enter. But we know in our hearts that we won that contest. (no one was willing to strip off theirs to enter it) Ryan and I won door prizes. I won a Chevron pink car (toy), a team Chevron t-shirt and a Komen candle. Ryan won a pink Chevron car and a pink folding chair. Our team raised $390.

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Pamela said...

That's a great picture of all of you guys! Your boys are soooooo handsome and getting so big! I'm glad you all had fun.
You know, until I saw the pic of you in that T-shirt I didn't understand the name of your blog. NOW I get it! LOL! Ok...I can be a little slow at times!
Hugs Pam