Thursday, October 2, 2008

yes, I'm still here...

I had forgotten I had a private journal, so I just finished saving all that stuff on my pc.  It was kind of a fun trip back in time.  It started in August of 05.  I was complaining about gas being $2.53, and saw a week later it jumped up to $3.  So funny because today it's $4.04 and I'm happy about that, because that is way down from this summer!!  Meanwhile, my parents are on a trip and say that there is a gas shortage in NC, and my brother in IL says they are practically giving gas away for something like $3.75.

Thankfully the entries were short and few.  It would have taken all day to copy over, but this went fairly quickly.

I just ran out and bought some cheap design software.  Not the fancy Photoshop stuff, not photo software, but just some stuff that lets you mess around with fonts and clipart and pictures.  hopefully I can figure it out quickly (if I can find time) and design that t-shirt.  Times a-wastin'!

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pengboo said...

I won't tell you that gas in Ohio is as low as $3.44 a gallon.