Monday, April 20, 2009

Itching, chore charts and wedding memorabilia


I totallly forgot about my adhesive allergy and so I didn't mention it to the doctor. So naturally, by Saturday night the itching began. Just a little bit. By this morning, the itching started to be sincere. I took the bandage off before my shower. I itched all through church. You can see how red my ear is in the picture. The bandage was stuck to that little corner of my ear and it's paying the price. The rectangular perimeter where the sticky parts stuck are the itchy parts. It's also raised and bumpy. You can kinda see that in the picture. Looks like I have an acne outbreak (I've never had an acne outbreak like this!) I've been putting on some benedryl cream. I don't know if that's okay, but I've used it before for itchiness from adhesives. It kinda temporarily halts the major itching frenzy. I'm going to call them in the morning to find out what he recommends. So anyway, you can see what the stitching looks like.

I have to think of a good story to go with it. We ate at a little place we go to fairly often and the waiter asked me about the stitches and I just sat there speechless. I'm not fast on my feet and I was trying to think of something appropriate for the general public. I didn't want to say it was skin cancer, Gary suggested I say I had a little something removed - ew, that sounds gross. I'm thinking either a tragic surfing accident or an encounter with a shark. Make it outlandish enough that it's intentionally unbelievable. I figure a good laugh would alleviate any awkwardness.

Do you see those two pictures (to the left of my huge nose) that are kinda wonky? Yes, those are the same two pictures I showed here over 2 years ago when the earthquake hit and made those pictures crooked. I keep them like that just as a reminder. That earthquake happened the day before my mastectomy.
We have set up a chore chart for the boys. They have been begging for an allowance, and it's my philosophy that they need to do chores to earn it. They sorted through books today - a keep and a 'get rid of' pile. We might have a yard sale and they will keep the proceeds on them. The living room looks a lot better! Why didn't we think of this before?
Also in the process of sorting and tossing, I went through a bunch of old wedding stuff. I read all the cards we got and read some of the letters I wrote to Gary before the wedding. We had a long distance relationship the 2 years before we got married. (dated 3 years total - 1 year of that was engaged) I feel like a stalker because I wrote him every week. I think he wrote me every week too though. His letters to me are stored somewhere else.

I finally gave myself permission to throw some things away. Gasp! I threw away the index cards I had made that listed a name/address/gift/thank you date on each. I threw away the little gift tags. And I threw away the rsvp cards. That's a lot! Particularly for this pack rat. But we've been married almost 21 years and really, I'm not keeping tabs on who gave us what. I thanked everyone, and have used everything to death. It has all been appreciated. The guest registries are there to list who attended what and that should be enough. I kept everything that had a personal note or was from someone special.

Everything made me smile. That's why I hold on to a lot of stuff. But really, those index cards did not make me smile. All it made me think of was writing those thank you notes! Good riddance!
edited to add for Pam's sake that on Friday, my dermatologist also called my spot a tumor! At least I had prior warning by you, so I wasn't shocked.

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FrankandMary said...

My favorite sentence was ~Everything made me smile.

And you do not have a huge nose.