Tuesday, April 21, 2009

moving dates and still itching...

First the whining. So I called the derm. office - I knew the doc was out of town. Well, the nurse said that I didn't need to wear a bandage anymore - I'm not! Then, get this gem of wisdom, "use vaseline, maybe it will help soothe the itching". I take it she's never had an itch before. Then she said something about not being able to ask the doc since he was out of town for the week. ?? Don't you think the doctor would want to know when the patient is having problems? Of course, I didn't say that to her. I can't afford to alienate the person who is going to pull my stitches. She asked me who my dermatologist was (weird question since her boss is my derm!) - oh, she wanted to know who did the biopsy. My pcm. So I'm supposed to call my pcm. Not likely. Every time I think about what I'm going to say, it just sounds ridiculous. Hello? My derm. nurse asked me to call YOU to help with a derm problem. Yeah, dumb. So, I'm not doing anything. I've been putting on benedryl cream when the itching is unreal, and I may take benedryl after lunch. If I don't touch it, and pin my hair back so it doesn't tickle it, then I'm okay. That's about all I did for my itchies from my other surgeries. But I expect better info from the people who specialize in skin ailments!

vaseline, unreal!
Now to the fun/sad stuff. Gary had his transportation appointment yesterday and we have dates. Packers come June 15/16 and moving day is the 17th. We fly out the 21st. We have the few days in there to say our goodbyes, clean the house and ship off the van. They estimate our household goods arriving in Atlanta on Aug. 13. So the boys might have started school by the time our stuff gets there.

It's becoming more real. Hard to keep denying it. I need to do something with my friends so we can say a good "goodbye" and not let the date come and go. I don't have any ideas yet.

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