Tuesday, August 18, 2009

feeling better

I've not been in the best of health lately, but I'm taking a turn for the better. I think it's my lungs needing to adjust to the Atlanta air. Hawaii air is so pure and clean, my lungs have been on a 3 year vacation! Now it's back to work. Actually, I feel pretty good today. I've walked for an hour, did the Wii Active, vacuumed, mopped, scrubbed toilets, cleaned windows - yeah, I'd say I'm doing pretty good - a little tuckered, but good! And I still have an hour before the boys come home.

Let's see, on the school front - busy, busy. The homework is not very stressful so far. It's still early though. But they keep coming home with papers and they want to join EVERYTHING! They have the opportunity to join band and the boys want to. There is also an after-school art club that Jake wants to join. See, if they do band, then they will miss art classes during school. Plus, there is a reading invitational, and the boys are so good at reading that I think they should try. wow. And this doesn't even include cubscouts or anything else. They really want to do a sport. So I have to figure that in somewhere.

We still haven't settled on a church. I had a good online chat with a friend and she helped on that front. I think we need to just pick one and give it a good shot.

This is fantasy football draft weekend. Gary is heading out to Williamsburg tomorrow and spending the weekend there picking players for his team. Then he comes home and Sunday night he's in a phone conference picking players for his other team.

I miss Hawaii. Even our little ghetto house. I'm trying hard to settle in here - but I can't help but miss certain things and people. I can tell I'm trying to recreate the same life here, but it's just not the right fit. I need to find a new way of being. One that fits here. I don't want to, but I think that's how it's gonna have to be. Isn't it always? You'd think I'd be used to this...

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Sara Williams said...

Change is always difficult but you can and will adapt with time, just stop trying to force yourself to adapt and it will happen all by itself x