Sunday, August 9, 2009

school starts tomorrow!

I finallly finished filling out all the papers, signing all the forms, writing all the checks - basically selling my soul to the school and the PTO. My boys backpacks are stuffed with shiney new school supplies. All that's left is making lunches and picking out tomorrow's outfits.

The bus picks them up at the bus stop at 7 am. Ack! That's early. We are early risers, but that's early to get it all together. The good news is that gets me out and about early.

PLUS! School lets out later. So mama's got a little extra time every day.

I wonder if I'll still get that lonely feeling that comes with the first day of school? Hmmm. I doubt it, because I have plans to SHOP! It'll be the first time in a LONG time. Mama needs some clothes!

Off to find the camera...

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Sara Williams said...

I always miss my boys when they return to school, I love the holidays with them even though they drive me mad. However, when mine go back to school, I will be starting my last round of chemo so will be too preoccupied to be sad x