Monday, March 8, 2010

still here in Georgia

and I haven't fallen off of the face of the internet either. I'm just not doing the blogging thing lately. I'm one of the many that has gotten caught up in Facebook! And life.

Gary had an interesting interview in January and we thought for sure he would get the job, but after several weeks we found out that he didn't get it. So it's back to the drawing board. I'm sure the right job is out there, somewhere.

My boys are going to do the Arrow of Light ceremony on Sunday. That means they will "graduate" from cubscouts (webelos II). They will still hang with the cubscout group until the end of the school year, but they do have a campout with the boyscouts next month. Very exciting. I think it may still be too cold at night for me to join. Gary can handle it without me, he's done it before.

Since I've been reporting my cholesterol, I'll update. I had a cholesterol test done in January and it was abysmal. I'm now on Crestor. I guess I've passed that "your still young, we'll wait" age. In other words, I'm old!

I've been seeing a dermatologist. This guy loves the prescriptions. I've got a foam for my hands, a different foam for my feet, a gel for my rosacea, and a gel for my lips (keratosis). He's frozen a lot of spots on my face, and has removed a mole from my back. He sees all kinds of things wrong with me!! I think he's really appalled by how dry I am (that's why the two different foams). I don't think I'm THAT dry, I guess I'm just used to it! LOL! Although, I hate that itch you get in the center of your back when you lay down at night - in the winter. Do I sound like a crusty ogre yet?

Am I doing another food related new year's resolution? No. However, I need to get a grip on my eating before my next cholesterol test. Seeing how I just ate a spoon of peanut butter, I'm not doing so hot. I do want to cook a meatless main dinner meal at least once a week. Last weeks was a nut loaf that I found on the internet. It was tolerable, but not tastey. The boys hated it. I've got a black bean burger that I found in one of my mom's cookbooks (or was it a Southern Living?) that I will try sometime this week. A rainy day, when I'm not tempted to grill.

This is a busy week and I'm trying to kick a cold. Plus, the ING marathon is in less than 2 weeks. Am I prepared, yes but I don't feel it. My feet are a mess. Brooks changed my shoes! I don't like it and it's too late to experiment with other brands. I have a toe that is crooked and it never bothered me before, but these shoes tweeks it. I'd rather find another shoe than see a doctor, but I may have to see a doctor. Or stop walking. Nah, can't do that! Pray for me. I'm nervous about the hills and the time limit. The honolulu marathon didn't have a time limit, so I always had confidence I could finish. Now I'm not so sure. *sigh* I need a boost of confidence.

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