Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A lot is going on!

In a good way. Since I've last posted, Gary did get a job. He's still doing basically the same thing, but he's a civilian now. He retired last month from the Army, after 24+ years. We have moved to Columbia, SC, because he is working at Ft. Jackson. Which is where his Army career started through basic training. He later had his first job as a commissioned officer at Ft. Jackson - so now we are completing the circle by having his first civilian job at Ft. Jackson. Lots of firsts. Oh, one more - he was working here when we got married, so we spent our first 2 months of marriage here, then we left so he could go to law school.

Anyway, our household goods are in storage and we are living in an apartment until we buy a house. We are one step closer to that goal in that we just submitted an offer on a house. OUR FIRST HOUSE! Yes, we are property virgins. I'm shaking in my boots. We offered a bit lower than what they were asking, but I think that should be expected in this economy. Unlike what HGTV would have you believe, a house that is on the market for 60 days is still "fresh" on the market. Frankly, the housing market here is not rock bottom like it is in the Atlanta area. There are some really great houses on big plots of land in GA for dirt cheap. And no buyers! Here, they are building, for crying out loud! Ridiculous!

So, I may start posting more regular about my new house and the odyssey of making it ours. Having rented or lived in military housing for 22 years, I am SICK of off-white walls and beige carpet. I want hardwood/tile floors and COLOR on the walls! I don't know WHAT color, but it will be something. This house we made an offer on has a really dark kitchen, so I am investigating painting the cabinets. Plus I'm investigating a "whole house color scheme". I want the rooms to flow. Not necessarily be one color, but at least complimentary. I have no clue what I'm doing, but we'll get there.

I'll try to document with pictures. But let's get a house bought first!

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