Tuesday, October 24, 2006

my outing

The parent/teacher conference went.  Jake and Ryan's teachers are like night and day.  (even though they are both Ms. Ryan)  Ryan's teacher is type A.  I walked in and she had everything organized and explained everything and took notes of my concerns - it was a good meeting.  She is going to get him evaluated by the speech therapist.  Ryan is so different at school than at home.  He just doesn't talk at school.  He doesn't stop talking at home.  So she really doesn't know if he has a speech problem!  LOL!  I told her about how he says "w" for l's and "w" for r's - still.    She asked me if I thought it was an accent thing - being southern and all, people think I have an accent.  I don't hear it...I do know that I don't enunciate well, but that's just lazy.  So, if I can't hear my own accent, how can I hear one in my own child??  I understand everything he says, but I'm always translating for him.  That's why he needs the evaluation.

I went in to Jake's Ms. Ryan's classroom.  I sat down she shoved some papers at me and sat there.  Didn't utter a word unless it was in response to a question.  Huh?  I'm really not a talkative person, so this was quite difficult.

As far as academics, these boys are doing well.  Very well in math, both of them.  Good thing they are smart, because I haven't been much of a help this year.  Jake is a stellar reader, but he only scored "adequate" in this category because he's lacking in other areas.  He doesn't pay attention (my daydreamer), he's sloppy in his writing, and he doesn't pay attention. (can't say that enough)  She said he is not comprehending as well as he is reading - but I think it's just not coming out well according to the worksheet questions.  Last night he asked me if I knew where the word "earth" came from.  I said no and he proceeded to tell me.  He sounded like an encyclopedia!!  nope, I'm not worried about his comprehension.  I think he needs maturity.

I was so tired by the end of the meetings.  I was tired after the first meeting!  So I've concluded that I'm not ready to go out and about yet.  It was very difficult hiding the drain and tube and I was so paranoid about that and my flat side.  It will be easier when the tube comes out and I can wear a stuffed bra.

This morning Jake told mom that he didn't like her telling him what to do (to get ready).  He wants me to do it.  Awww.  they do care.  LOL!

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am4039 said...

happy thatt the kids are doing well in school. That does help.