Friday, October 27, 2006


I'm tube free!!  Yeowch, did it hurt, but it's gone!!

My pathology came back good.  Clear margins.  They got all the cancer and didn't find anything else.  Good news!  Good news!  I'm so relieved!

My poor chest looks like hamburger meat.  The doctors pulled off the steri strips and agreed that the redness is from them.  But I'm still supposed to come in on Monday to make sure that was the only reason I'm so red.  He said I've got all these hills and valleys and dips because he tried to save as much skin as he could, but he not as much as he wanted because he had to cut around the excisional scar.  He said if I were not going to be reconstructed then he would have made me completely smooth and flat.  Sometimes I wish I had taken that route and just lived with stuffing myself.  He said that I would smooth out with fills and the plastic surgeon would smooth out the rest.  Nip/tuck. 


demandnlilchit said...

We might not like what we see ein the mirror right now, but in 12 months we will all be back to normal and like what we see! Happy your tubes are gone!


fisherkristina said...

Great news about the cancer being gone!


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!


nana0014 said...

WOO HOO they think they got it all how wonderful.
Take care, Chrissie