Tuesday, October 31, 2006

fun guy

Went in for the follow up yesterday and I'm still more red than they'd like to see.  The PS said I had a fungus.  So I have to use a cream.  The same kind of cream used to treat jock itch, athletes foot, ringworm...  Oh yeah.  Nice.  He also told me to make sure I work on my range of motion.  It needs work.  My shoulder is starting to hurt a little from holding my arm out.  Yes, I'm still holding it out.  I also have a hard time doing things with an inward motion with that arm.  The muscle gets very tight feeling.  Brushing my teeth tightens it up big time too.

Today I was thinking about how I needed to work on just simple tasks like that and I got sad because I wouldn't be able to do those PowerFlex type classes at gyms any more.  I hate exercise and I'm not athletic or coordinated, but that was one class that I really enjoyed.  I cringe at the thought of a push up or bench press.  Maybe someday I'll be back to it, but right now it's hard to imagine.  Yesterday, when everyone was gone, I got out some light barbells of mine.  3 pounders I believe.  I doubled up on my left arm and got some reps in.  I did some reps on my right bicep with the 3 pound but that's just too light, so I attempted to double that up.  Ummmm.  No way!  Guess what??  You use your chest muscle to hold up that weight!!

Today is Halloween. The boys are so excited.  The school does a costume parade and all the second graders made their costumes and dressed up like dalmations.  Very cute.   I took a couple of pictures, but they weren't very good.  We had a bit of a mix up with Ryan.  At the parent/teacher conference the teacher told me that Ryan was on the Halloween party planning comittee and he had volunteered relay games.  He had all these ideas.  Ms. Ryan was very excited because he is terribly shy in class and this was the first time he volunteered anything.  So I said that I would ask my DH and dad to see if anyone would help.  No one jumped at the idea, so I sent a note yesterday telling Ms. Ryan.  Well, Ms. Ryan saw me this morning at the parade and said Ryan was so excited about the games yadda yadda.  And I told her that I sent a note that no one would be able to help. She didn't get the note.   So she queried Ryan and he said  oh yeah, we've talked all about it. blah , blah, blah.  So I just sent dad out to help out.  It's rainy and the party is slated for 2 hours.  Way too long for a party at school.  I'm sure it'll be miserable, but I just can't do it.  My poor dad.  Oh well.  They're leaving next week, so it'll be a nice memory for Ryan.

I've been decorating the front porch.  I still need to do the cobwebs.  Ryan will be Darth Vader and Jake will be a Ninja.  I have bags and bags of candy waiting.  I've been good.  Haven't opened them up yet.  But then again, there is leftover birthday cake to keep me occupied.  LOL!

Edited to add Halloween pictures.

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nana0014 said...

Awww the kids looked great. Hope they had a great time on Halloween.
Take care, Chrissie