Monday, March 17, 2008

doctor visit today, more waiting

Arg!  I'll get to the waiting in a minute.

The doc looked at me after I confessed my surfing hijinks.  He said I didn't hurt myself.  I probably tore the capsule, but that would heal and things would tighten up and be fine.  He said there was no activity off limits.  I couldn't hurt myself.  If I did then come in and they would fix it.  BTW, if he had time, we would have jabbered on about surfing!  It seems we have matching scars on our feet from coral.  Which, ironically, he said his is still red.  Imagine that, a plastic surgeon can't make his own scar disappear!

We talked about the timing of the final surgery - the headlight, I'll call it.  I have to wait 2 or 3 more months until my scar starts to fade.  Humfph.  I want it done a lot sooner than that!!  I'm tired of this business dragging on and on.  Patience, patience.

I'm very excited about the upcoming trip.  I bought water shoes for the boys and a snorkel for me.  Gary has a big head, so he needs to get his own.  I also bought some little goodies to fix up easter bags for the boys.  I'm hoping to find a sunrise service somewhere in Kona.  If we can't, then we'll just do it ourselves.  Head out to the beach, watch the sun rise and sing some songs.


lanurseprn said...

I like the idea of your own special sunrise service with your family. You could bring snacks and have a picnic...there's lots of ideas you could come up with.

I know you'll be patient about the next step. It's a healing step. Not another that is so worth the wait! In the long run of your life it's a very short wait.
Take care...Pam

am4039 said...

a sunrise service would be beautiful. Happy that nothing is off limits.