Friday, March 28, 2008


Hair is supposed to be our crowning glory, right?  *sigh*

I didn't post any pictures of me on our trip for two reasons.  One, I'm the picture takerer, so I had to make my husband take some pictures of me to prove that I was on the trip, and only got into 3 shots.  Those 3 shots are reason #2: who WAS that white haired lady hugging onto my children?

The last time I went to get my haircut I said to my hairdresser "we need to talk about color" and she said "I love your color - it's a nice platinum".  Great.  We didn't talk any more.  I later got two compliments on how my hair "shines".  So I'm thinking my hair isn't too bad.  In fact, when I look in the mirror, it doesn't look terribly white.  But then again, I have the "magic mirror" in my bathroom.  I always look decent in that mirror.  (even though it doesn't translate when I take pictures in there - I think my eyes are going)

I got my hair cut yesterday.  Once again, she overcut.  It's a bit short.  When your hair is naturally curly, short can be treaturous territory.  Think Ronald McDonald.  Coupled with wild/dull gray hair.  Ugh.

So this time I pressed the hair coloring point.  And she acknowledged that my hair was indeed grayer than before.  She said something about doing a semi permanent color.  I had the boys there and told her I wanted Ryan's color.  Yeah, this is different than my usual highlights/lowlights, but I think those days of foiling are over.  Just drench the whole head and hope for the best.  I once had my hair done in an all-over color.  It was a bit shocking.  It was dark.  I looked a bit like snow white or lara flynn boyle (except not nearly as pretty or thin).  The dark hair made my fair skin look even whiter and my eyes were even greener.  It's gotta be better than white.  At 42.  White is fine if I'm 82.

My appointment is the day before my Singapore trip.  LOL!  That's her first available time in the morning.  Nothing like a little risk-taking.  I hope it doesn't rub off...


gosso23 said...

Trust me, your hair IS your crowning glory! lol. I am still looking in the mirror thinking..oh lord. It is growing out..instead of down. I could be your Ronald McDonald cousin.  
I think the color will look good on you. How about a dark blonde or something? Dark blonde always comes out a very light brown for me. I bet you would look good even with a little lighter than a dark blonde. Good luck whatever you choose to do.
You make me laugh..hee hee.

lanurseprn said...

If mine ever goes white I will quit coloring it. I would love to have white hair when I'm "older."
Good luck on the coloring.