Friday, April 4, 2008

Lost sighting

but not by me.  My vortex buddies.  They were running in Lanikai on April 1 (but this is no April Fool's Joke) and they passed Evangeline Lilly.  She was running too, and doing that lip-bitey thing that she does a lot on the show.  She used to own (or rent?) a house in Lanikai, but it burned down last year.  Hurley (Jorge Garcia) used to live there too - he may still.  I recently found his blog and read it every so often. (someone told me about it, I'm not a stalker)  He's such a down-to-earth guy.  I hate doing the Lanikai loop because it's so crowded with runners and beachgoers - but I may have to make another swoop through one day.

I don't know if I reported this already, but a couple of weeks ago, Jennie, my friend, saw Desmond - of course we asked her "with long or short hair?"  Long hair.

It seems that Matthew Fox's child goes to a local private school.  His wife can be seen there at fundraisers and at pick up time.  Apparantly she doesn't shave her pits...  Well, that's the word on the streets...  I have my sources...  No judgement calls, I'm just saying...

I guess they are back in town filming the last few episodes of the season.


I want to go see the movie Run, Fat Boy, Run.  The premise is just so crazy - deciding to run a marathon with only 3 weeks to train, and having never run a step in your life.  That's a train wreck I want to see!  It'll provide good imagery for when I do the Honolulu Marathon this year.  BTW, early sign up in the first weekend in May at Niketown.  woo-hoo!  I thought I had missed it.  I guess it's delayed due to the timing chip fiasco.

And just as a reminder - I'm a walker NOT A RUNNER!!  And proud of it!

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You nearly saw Evangeline Lilly!