Wednesday, April 30, 2008

they grow up too fast...

My boys are growing much too fast, for my taste.  They are almost at my chin.  I barely have to look down to talk to them.  I'm beginning to feel short.  They are only 8 years old for crying out loud!  I did the little mark on the wall last week.... they grew 1 inch since January!  STOP IT!!

They are begging to get out of their booster seats.  I know, I know, most moms have their kids out of that stuff by the time they are 5 or 6.  But I'm a stickler about safety.  They are staying in those seats until they are 4 foot 9 inches.  They have 2 more inches to go.  And trust me, they are counting the days.

On a related note, everyone in the 3rd grade has to write a letter to each of their classmates.  A project.  So Jake writes one to a girl in his class.  Part of it goes: You are the only person I know that is German.  Did you know you are kind of cute too?

LOL!  This is so funny.  One of the other 3rd grade moms commented that in K and 1st and 2nd there was lots of talk about girlfriends and boyfriends but in 3rd grade not at all.  The teacher said that it's all very serious in 3rd grade.  But she can tell that they are checking each other out.  Especially during Valentines day and then at the end of the year during the water party (when they have the water balloon fight).  Oh mercy.  It's too cute for words, but I'm not ready for that!!

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lanurseprn said...

When my son got taller than me I was ....well.....HEARTBROKEN! But, I made sure to let him know that he's still my BABY no matter what. LOL!