Friday, September 5, 2008


I hereby declare this journal a No Politics zone.

I cannot get into a political discussion without getting upset.  I don't like getting upset, nor do I like having my words misconstrued, misread, dismissed and/or ignored.  I belong to a group of moms online and tried to get them to agree to no politics - some dissented.  We at least agreed to be nice.  I will not allow myself to be drawn into the fray if a fray begins.  So far, so good.

However, I belong to another group I will not mention and did get drawn in.  You cannot have a conversation with a person when their only answer is "we never should have gone into Iraq in the first place".  Okay, if that's your answer to everything, there's not a two sided conversation going on, is there?  The bigger problem, it's the mob mentality.  Oh, I forgot, the other answer is "she has an infant and her daughter is pregnant".  True, I can't help you with that one, but it doesn't address taxes.  Let's focus on policy people.  All politicians are evil - let's move on and try to sort things out.

Augh.  10 seconds after my declaration and I get embroiled with myself!!  That does it.  I'm not voting.  I'm going to just pop a tent up in Waianae and hide out until it all blows over.  Wake me up in time to go Christmas shopping.

(I think I married a wise man, because he refuses to rise to my baits of discussions that can get animated - much to my chagrin)

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