Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a little notice would be nice! (rant)

Thanks to Trish, I now know that J-land is closing.  I hadn't noticed the banner up top which cryptically announces it's demise.  I'm sorry, but I  need a flaming, in-your-face, you-can't-ignore-it announcement.  Um, Trish's IM to me was perfect, but she's not going to do that to everyone.  LOL!

Here is a link to a journal I stumbled across. http://journals.aol.com/journalseditor/magicsmoke/

I mean I literally stumbled across this journal.  There has to be better communication.  There is NOTHING on the people connection page.

Apparantly these are the folks who are responsible for J-land.  They will be posting a blow by blow.  It seems that not only are the journals going, the hometown webpages are going (ack!  I have a lot of links to people's recipes! plus my baby and pregnancy pictures), and PICTURES is going.  The journals and pictures are most devastating to me.  Remember, last summer our computer blew and I lost a lot of pictures.  Well, I've got a lot of pictures in AOL Pictures.  I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS PEOPLE!  This is a 1 year project, at least, to back all this stuff up.  (drama queen)

They say that they will try to migrate everything to a new place, but from what I was reading, they were just trying to test it out.  Not much buffer built in there.  This puppy is going down in a month, let's get the kinks worked out!  So do I save and transfer all my stuff to a new place I find on my own, just to have to turn around and transfer it all again onto the new place they choose?  (who wants all that personal info out there in multiples?)  Or do I wait on them and risk having everything disappear?

I'm so mad I just ate two cookies and I'm contemplating more.  I don't like change.  I'm mad.  Why am I still paying for AOL if they take away these benefits?  What good is it?  Seriously.  Answer me.  And why?  There is no explanation of the why.  I ate two more cookies.

This is just my rant entry.  I will be posting later where I can be found.  I do have a myspace account for my walking.  I'm also in facebook.  But facebook is not a journal.  Myspace seems too public.

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gosso23 said...

AHHH! Your in panic mode like I am!!! At least I know I have a month to work all this out. I'm with you! I don't like change!!