Tuesday, February 3, 2009

hike to Ka'ena Point - with pictures

We went with the cubscouts on Saturday on a hike to Ka'ena Point. You drive on the leeward side past Waianae for as far as the road goes - park your car and pray that it doesn't get broken into (better yet, leave it unlocked so the thieves don't have to bust the window) and walk to the end of the island. It's sunny and hot, so bring your water and spf 10,000. I believe it's the northwestern most point of Oahu.
(please excuse the mess. I'm just not used to puting pictures and text together in this blog)

this is a look at the type of road the hike was on. hike is a fancy word for long hot walk. The road was utterly undrivable in many parts. Gary is in the dark blue shirt on the right.

I just thought this was a nice picture. It's looking back towards Waianae. Thank goodness for those clouds, because it was hot without them.

This is the arch that the boys headed down to - not mama!

Oops! Picture out of order. I just like how blue the ocean looks here.

These are the brave ones who climbed down to the arch. I couldn't look! My babies!

There they are!

There is a bird sanctuary at Ka'ena Point. This big fellow is an albatross. He came to greet us - he lumbered towards us like a penguin. He's huge! There were a bunch there nesting. No dogs allowed on the trail! $300 fine!

This is Ricky and Ryan. Ricky is a good friend of Jake and Ryan's.

I tried to look for a map, but gave up quickly. However, I did find this excellent photo journal someone took of their hike. They took better pictures than I did, so I highly recommend it. It looks exactly like what we saw.

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Trish said...

The pictures are beautiful. Looks like you had a great time. You are so lucky to be able to hike there.