Sunday, February 15, 2009

sleepover tonight!

We're going to have 3 of Jake and Ryan's best friends over tonight for a sleepover. Their moms are going to run the Great Aloha Run (I'm so jealous!), so I had volunteered to have the boys over so they can get up early and escape to the run. It turns out their husbands are home this weekend, so I practically had to beg to keep the sleepover on. I owe both of them, plus I really want my boys to have some fun memories of their friends at OUR house.

We've spent the past WEEK cleaning house. Well, last weekend I scrubbed the boys room down. And then it's been a general picking up throughout the week. I just finished the final scrubdown. I know the kids won't care if it's clean, but they will notice if it's dirty nasty. It's gets so dirty so quickly here when you live with open windows.

This Christmas I got a new vacuum. It's a bagless one. You cannot believe the amount of filth I pick up. I just vacuumed two days ago. Nasty. Today, just as nasty. It picks up a big pile, and then I beat out just as big a pile or larger out of the filter. Yucko.

They are at cubscouts right now with Gary. He'll bring home two of the boys and the other one is coming at 6pm. We're going to make our own pizzas, have pineapple and vegetables with ranch dip for supper. I picked up a stick of the sugar cookie dough to cut and bake for dessert. And frozen toaster waffles for breakfast in the a.m. Tomorrow afternoon me and the boys are heading to the playground to help serve food.

So it will be a busy couple of days. :-)


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