Tuesday, February 17, 2009

playground construction - working with Marines...

Our playground is coming right along. It's not done, and there is quite a bit of work yet to be done, but it looks awesome! If you are ever a part of a community playground build, not only do you need people and money, you need GOOD tools and lots of them.

Saturday Gary and the boys worked, while I was at my Thai cooking class. I'll have to post about that later. Then that afternoon I took the boys with me to paint a tile ($50 fundraiser) which will be forever stuck on the playground. (Gary had to go in to work)

Sunday was church, cubscouts and the sleepover - so we didn't participate. Monday afternoon we went to the school and helped with the build. Let's just say, me and Gary were close to coming to blows! Not a couples project! We need to work on our communication skills. LOL! I broke away, since the boys were getting in the way and I needed to cook chili for the chili cookoff supper. Then me and the boys helped serve food, and then I stayed to help with cleanup.

Today I had to run errands (still waiting for a call back from the doctors office - grrrr) but I did put in a few hours. I got tasked to a miserable job and was assigned two marines. Can I say how young these fellows are? We were tasked to nail a rubber mat around a plank of "wood" to make a bumper. The rubber was so stiff and impossible to bend and clamp down. But my guys were determined. We got our one bumper done and they took off saying where I could find them if I needed them. The construction leader asked me to do 6 more - or 4 or 2 or even just 1. He admitted that the rubber stuff was not what he usually used. So I dove into a sea of Marines (who all look alike!) trying to find my guys. One of them popped his head up and came willingly over. He's so cute. And about 12 so don't get any ideas! That guy went at the next bumper with dogged determination. Honestly, I saw it as a worthless task and was ready to give up, but not him. Not only was he getting it done, he wanted it to look good. He even said that he knew the kids wouldn't care and wouldn't see it, but he wanted it done right. *sniff* I'm so proud of him. His mama should be doggone proud. She raised this boy right. Oh, his name is Bill - so mom, if you are curious about how your young Marine son Bill is doing - he is doing wonderful. You've raised a fine young man. He was sweet and polite too. (even after hammering his thumb twice) All the Marines were polite and hard working (not to mention terribly thin).

Anyway, I had to abandon the project after we got those two done, because school was letting out and I was going to watch some kids while their moms worked. But Bill the Marine said he was going to continue the project. I Bill - LOL!

Oh, I need to mention that the build was scheduled for Friday thru Monday - so the guys who worked today were working on their own time. How generous is that?!

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