Tuesday, March 31, 2009

some Kauai pictures

Just a few pictures from our Kauai trip. Yes, I'm wearing spf 50 and covered up as much as I could. Had to take off the shades for pictures, you know!

(ignore the poochy stomach, yes it's really my stomach and not just the shirt)

Gary and the boys at a lookout on the Waimea Canyon drive. I made them all sit because ever since I had my babies, I get terrified when they (or me) gets close to the edge of anything. It makes me dizzy. I can't even stand to see them get near the 2nd story railing in the mall! My head just starts spinning. My friend Jenny says she's been that way since she had her boys too.

Me and Gary in front of the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge sign. Pam will appreciate this bridge.

See?! This thing is suspended and bounces and swings as you walk, and the wind really gets it swinging! It was a windy day. See those people behind my family? Well, I started to head out there and they started to head back my way and that jerk man was really walking side to side and laughing at me as I was clutching the edges. Some people are just born jerks.

This is us after our helicopter ride and that's our helicopter. The other couple who flew with us took the picture. I don't know why I look so unhappy in this picture - bad timing I guess. The yellow packs are our life vests.

Jake and Gary in the back.

Ryan and our pilot Kurt. We rode up front. They assigned seats by weight. Yes! They weigh you!! But they keep it secret. (except Ryan said that the flight roster had our weights - and the pilot taped it up front on the dash - so your weight can be seen by the initiated) I was glad I got to ride up front, but I tried my best not to gloat.

a windblown picture of me at Kilauea lighthouse. The whole trip was very windy.

I'm sorry I don't have a better picture of this waterfall. It's the waterfall you see in Fantasy Island (da plane! da plane!) - Wailua Falls.

Chickens are everywhere on this islands. And all the roosters are gorgeous like this one! They just run around wild - I saw a shirt that said "Kauai's native un-endangered species".

These pictures are a little out of order. This is a shot of Waimea canyon. (the grand canyon of the pacific) This really isn't a good photo and does not do the canyon justice.

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