Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Terrifying Tuesday: Catfish Sloppy Joes

Yep folks, it's about as yummy as it sounds.

Ooops! Didn't mean to start with the conclusion!

I saw these on the Oprah show. Gayle went around the country in search of the best sandwiches. Oprah rated this one a 6 on a scale of 1 to 5. Should be good, right? Ha!

Let me just say that I do like fish, but I don't like fish to taste fishy - or to smell fishy. I bought frozen catfish fillets and thawed them in the fridge, but when I opened the bag, I got a whiff of fish. Isn't that supposed to be a bad sign? I dunno. The fish odor went away, so I supposed they were fine.

This is a link to the recipes. You can google and find it in several places, but not all of them have the bbq sauce recipe. I decided at the spur of the moment to be authentic and make the bbq sauce (sans clam sauce).

I think this would be a pretty good sandwich if it didn't taste fishy. But I don't think I'd rave about it. I think Oprah has been on her low carb diet for way too long, so anything with bread and sugar would taste good to her.

Not only does the fishy get a thumbs down, the fat content gets a thumbs down. I didn't realize how much oil is in this recipe. A whole hunkin lot! I didn't even put in as much as it called for and thought it was swimming in oil. I didn't butter the buns either. You don't need to butter buns to toast them - listen up restaurants! We don't want that unnecesary hidden fat!

If I had used bottled bbq sauce, then the recipe would fit into the easy/fast category. (Not that real sloppy joes are difficult to make)

As far as the family vote goes: 2 thumbs down from the adults, and 2 thumbs up from the kids.

Go figure.

I'm thinking next week better be a good one or the family will definitely start revolting. This week was supposed to be good. (at least I had tater tots as a side dish)
On a more positive note, my Thai cooking class is going well. Only two more classes to go. Plus Gary has requested that I make Evil Jungle Prince. I'm trying to gather the ingredients - but I haven't scored the red curry paste yet.

This coming weekend we are making summer rolls, Tom Yum soup, and Chieng Mai Beef or Chicken Salad (also called a bunch of other names, including Laab). We buy our own groceries, which is a task in and of itself. I've been trying to find Sweet Chili Paste and Tom Yum Paste. I may have to find time to visit Chinatown again. (I need to go to get the curry pastes). I've found Chili Paste and Sweet Chili Sauce, but not sweet chili paste. LOL! The instructor is also going to show us how to make sticky rice. I haven't had it, but people rave about it.

On another good note, I googled and found out that Atlanta has some Asian markets. So that's promising. I'd hate to lose all my Thai cooking experience!
Today I took Jake to get a phrenectomy (or some such). The dentist cut (using a laser) his frenulum - which is the little piece of skin that you see when you lift your upper lip. His connects way down at tooth level - while it normally would be a bit higher. This is important since we are going through all this trouble to give him nice teeth and this extra skin would prevent his front two teeth from coming together. We really don't want the David Letterman look. (although, Gary has it to a lesser degree) Really, it was Gary's idea - I didn't have an opinion about it.

Jake is doing well. But we'll see how he feels in the morning. The dental assistant gave him a warm washcloth that was infused with lavender and Jake has been hanging on to the thing. I've already reheated it for him once.

Oh, Jake lost his 3rd tooth in 2 weeks this morning when he was brushing. The tooth fairy will visit tonight!
The boys have been going to the local community center to practice basketball on Mondays and Wednesdays and today was their first game. It was fast paced and hard hitting! Whew! They got a really good workout. I expect they will sleep well tonight.

I think they will get good experience from this, even though it lasts only a few more weeks. Knowing how to play basketball with agressive people will be good for them when they play with their friends when they get older.

It was funny watching the girls play against them. They were tall like trees compare to our short team! Ryan had a ball plucked from his hands by one girl - he was holding the ball above his head and she walked up and took it! LOL!
The side of my face is still ugly looking. And I haven't been able to make my MRI appointment yet. I called Tuesday like they said, but it hadn't been signed off yet by a doctor so they said call back today. Today has been wicked busy, so I'll do it tomorrow. I guess I do that while I'm hunting down Thai ingredients! So busy!

Busy is good though, at times.

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FrankandMary said...

See, I really believe you BUT ONLY because 10 years ago when I was running an onc practice a little deli used to fax us specials each day & one day the "Special" was Flounder Sloppy Joes. And I SWORE someone was playing a trick on us. It kinda made me sick. Just sayin'
It would be a good sandwich if it didn't taste fishy? My advice, make it with beef :-). ~Mary