Saturday, June 6, 2009

discoveries amongst the rubble...

The rubble that is the junk my children bring home from school. Monday is the last day of school and the kids have already brought home most of their junk.

I always sort through it and toss the junk and box up the treasures in a bankers box. One for each year, but not one for each kid - they have to share. (this puts a defined cap on my pack ratty ways)

I'm doing it right now. One of the best things about this chore is reading their writing notebooks. Ryan hasn't brought his home yet, but I found a couple of gems in Jake's. One page he wrote about his favorite meal - pizza. "I like cheese the best, and my mom's homemade pizza is good. It beats mass produced pizza any day!"

His last entry was about May Day. (may day is a big deal in Hawaii and the schools put on these big productions) He did a good job describing it and his feelings of nervousness before his performance. At the very end he wrote "I loved it! Too bad I have to move."

He also wrote a sweet letter to his dad about why he admired him, and he wrote a wonderful paragraph about his best friend, Ricky.

I'm so glad the teachers make them do this stuff, otherwise I'd never know.


FrankandMary said...

As an adult, I was amazed to find the "junk" my parents kept from me(only child,so..), but in the junk were a few treasures too. I bet Dad will keep that forever. ~Mary

Trish said...

What treasures!
I saved all my kids things. You just inspired me to get them out and look through everything.