Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pineapple: the Final Chapter

We have harvested and digested the pineapple. It was wonderful. In honor of little Pineappley, I will pay homage to it with a photo recap of it's short life.

January - first appearance

February - covered in flowers

April - getting bigger! looks like a real pineapple

May - emerald green, beautiful

June 8 - starting to get a suntan! almost time to harvest!

Comparing with a store bought pineapple - my guy is little

The next day - all gold, yet the presence of ants made me decide it was time to harvest. Isn't it beautiful?

June 12 - stored it in fridge until we were ready to eat it. (had to finish off the big one first) Looks just like a real pineapple inside! (in miniature)

I cut it using the fancy cut they taught me at the Dole Plantation. (it's the only way I cut pineapple - nothing is too fancy for my family)

We had homemade pizza along with our (organic, pesticide-free, free range) pineapple boat.

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Trish said...

Oh the Pineapple! I missed the eating of the pineapple. Looks like it was a good little harvest..
I have been so out of the loop.
I see a lot is going on with you! I have to catch up in the morning though. It's late...I got up to go to the bathroom and wandered onto the computer.
Hope everything is going good.