Wednesday, November 1, 2006


It's been raining, raining, raining, for days!  It briefly stopped to allow trick or treating last night.  Our backyard has a lot of concrete, so the water began pooling up and little waves from where the water was pouring off the lanai roof.  So anyway, today there was a mudslide onto the Pali Highway, right at the entrance of the tunnel.  Big news.  Anything that stops traffic is big news here, since the traffic is so horrific.  The Pali Highway is one of the 3 tunnels that links the windward side to the other side of the mountains.  The Pali connects Kailua and downtown.

I'm watching Oprah.  She's doing a show on pizza.  Yum!  Tomorrow she's doing a show with Dr. Oz.  Something about losing weight in 10 days.  I'll have to see that one.  Need it!!

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