Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a little fun with sounds

want to jazz up your AOL.  You can go to your toolbar and click on Settings and click on Sounds-AOL and you can  pick different voices for the Welcome, You've Got Mail, and Goodbye.

Currently I've got Barry White for the Welcome (love it!), Hannibal Lecther for the You've got Mail (love it but it's too soft) and P Diddy for the Goodbye (pretty good). 

Randy Jackson is good.  Chewbacca is hilarious.  Dr. Evil is hilarious -  I wanted to change my You've Got Mail to that, but he says Frickin', so I did Shaggy instead.  I just changed the Goodbye to Dr. Evil he says "zip it, zip it".  LOL!  It's fun to play.

We've got a cat problem.  I found a ton of cat poop in my tiny patch of a backyard.  Need to google how to discourage cats.  It's ripping up my grass and killing it, not to mention the disgusting poop laying about.  A responsible and caring pet owner would never let their cat roam outside.  It may meet an untimely and early death - and not just by a crazed neighbor.  (I love cats - this indignation is as close to PETA as I come)

As for the ratatouille recipe, here's a link to a blog that posts it: http://www.worldonaplate.org/world_on_a_plate/2007/07/ratatouille-a-f.html

I'm trying to avoid the question as to what is in it, when Gary and the boys ask.  (my non-vegetable eaters)  Due to the animation, Ryan thinks that the red slices are peperoni and the vinegrette drizzled around the plate he thinks is mustard or cheese, because it's yellow.



amyrangei said...

I love all the Austin Power movies!  I can imitate fat you-know-who very well.  As for the cat problem, get a dog, oh, then you would have bigger poop to clean up.

mumma4evr said...


lanurseprn said...

I have a very soothing lady's voice on mine. Usually I sign on in the early morning and need something smooth....LOL!
I went to the webpage you linked. It actually sounded kinda good!