Friday, July 27, 2007

Weight Watchers

Bit the bullet and joined weight watchers online!  Let the games begin!

I'm starting right up.  I filled in my weight and height and stuff and they are allowing me 23 points a day, and as of lunch, I have only 4 points left!  LOL!  What?  Excuse me?

No wonder I'm overweight.

The first day is too early for me to be planning ahead, so I'm just eating like I normally do to see just how much I need to cut down and what equals how many points.  And trying not to lie.  The little points tracker thing is very easy to work and user friendly.  As a former GUI programmer, I'm quite pleased with it.

Is the end of July an odd time to start a diet?


mumma4evr said...

when I did WW. I started my days woth of points at that I could have a nice big meal and then use the other points for  breakfast and lunch
not sure if that will help you

lanurseprn said...

Do they charge you for this service online? I might join. I never liked the meetings!
Good luck with it and keep us posted.