Tuesday, July 10, 2007

tattoos revisited - yes, another one of THOSE posts

I'm currently sporting a red-eyed tree frog tatt (temporary of course).  It just replaced Piglet.  My husband just rolls his eyes at me.  I like them because they make me smile when I look in the mirror.  Of course, I don't always want to have a tattoo there.  I like the bare look too.  Regardless of scar.

I'm nervous when it comes to getting the real tattoo.  That I won't like the color or something.  I've seen good ones, and bad ones.  I know you can't compare a temporary tattoo with a real tattoo, but I keep choosing tattoos that I think I would like, but they look so different once it's on.  Not like how I envision.  I guess I'm learning that I'm going to have to trust the gal who'll do the tattoo.  Anyway, I certainly have learned that I can never do a real, real tattoo - you know, like one on my ankle or something.  Not that I've ever wanted one.  Firstly, I wouldn't be able to choose a design.  I already knew that.  Can't make decisions that are so permanent.  I'm not particularly attached to one cute thing - I like all cute things.  I don't have a "theme" or mascot in my life - like Tinkerbell or dragonflies or skulls.  And then, I wouldn't like it once it's on, because it wouldn't look like what's on paper - and I don't have that vision to imagine what it looks like on skin.  Oh, and I've watched some episodes of Miami Ink (like that makes me an expert) and the tattoo artists seem to do what THEY want, their interpretation of the idea.  I often go, ewww!  Did you see that gigantic anchor on that girls hip?  She's too pretty to be sporting this masculine Popeye thing!  I think she really wanted something small.  :-O

I should be documenting all my temp. tattoos.  Good scrapbook page.  Need to whip out the camera before the tree frog starts wearing off.  I think I'm going to do Pooh next.  There was a Pooh in the package with the Piglet - but he's kinda big.  Wouldn't want his ear peeking up out of my shirts!

Anyway, this entry totally doesn't reflect my mood tonight.  I've got a lot rolling around in my mind.  You know, I'm the kind of person that has the need to do the right thing and to please and I hate to say no and I hate to give up.  But I think I may have to make a hard phone call tomorrow.  I told myself to sleep on it tonight and see how Ifeel tomorrow and see if anything new happens.  I hate it, but I think the best decision is to wait.  Things are too rushed and unorganized.  Plus I need to weigh if I can really make the committment - or will my medical issues interfere.  Now you KNOW I hate that.  But it's something that I'm going to have to make myself consider - to be fair to everyone.  I know I'm being completely vague - but I bet you can relate anyway.


ukgal36 said...

i love that you do this.. I have a real one... I want another...I have a pic of it on my blog...
Keep on keeping on...

mumma4evr said...

LOL...when I was in the Navy and got out of bootcamp, I did the tatto thing.  I got a butterfly on my right breast!  LOL Sad thing about it is as I have gained weight over the years and things started to sag, the butterfly  is a bit lopsided!  LOL Every once in a while, you can see it peeking up over my shirt!

When I went to see the boob surgeon, and we had discussed the lumpectomy and if I should have it or a needle biopsy, his leaving remark was "If you don't like the scar, you can always get another tattoo"....LOL that made up my mind for the lumpectomy...so far, no tattoo but I have thought of it!

amyrangei said...

I think a tatoo would be a great idea, kind of like a rememberance.

lanurseprn said...

I've always wanted a tattoo on my behind. Not sure what....but something. Like you, I can't make a decision. So I've wanted one for over 20yrs! LOL!
Hope you have a good day.