Sunday, July 15, 2007


I took the boys to this movie yesterday.  It was cute and I was thrilled to see it was rated G - I thought it had some intense moments, considering G is usually geared for the little ones.  This one is geared more for my age boys I think.  I enjoyed it, but was so sleepy, I nodded off a few times.  The previews were great.  Jake just laughed his head off.  There is a new Bean movie coming out - gotta see it.  And a new Daddy Daycare - but with Cuba Gooding Jr. not  Eddie Murphy.  Jake laughed (loudly) in all the right spots.  Plus we got a couple of little cartoon shorts in the beginning.  Love it!

I googled and found THE ratatouille recipe they used in the movie!  It takes 3 1/2 hours start to finish - but I'm gonna try it some day.  (even though no one in this house other than me eats vegetables)  I think the movie appeal might get someones to try it.

Can I say how far animation has come?  It is just amazing.

I made some guacamole today and am saving the pit to sprout.  This time I'm going to use the "stick it in a pot of dirt" method.

Oh, we are now officially in the 21st century.  We have a DVR!  I love it!  I'm fixin' to use it to record the Next Food Network Star during suppertime.  And along with the DVR, we had to get digital cable on that tv.  The downside is we have to learn a whole new channel lineup - and still remember the old lineup for the other tv's.  Another downside are some of the channels we get - and some we don't get,but shows up on the guide.  (those nasty channels - just the show titles are disgusting)  But, it does have parental control -which we have to figure out.  The good side - music channels!  The boys LOVE this!  They love turning it to the Opera channel.  Cracks them up.  Plus they like having dance contests to different types of music.  We do have to monitor - because there is uncensored rap/other music channels.  I do NOT want to be taken surprise by a random F word.

The other day I was trying to find - get this, the contemporary Christian music channel - and it was on Bravo (a commercial) and the boys were standing there.  I was having a hard time paging through the guide, when the commercial went off and it was the Kathy Griffin show.  That girl has a filthy mouth and she started flinging the words and the comments - augh!  I lost total control of my fingers and could not change it fast enough!  It's tough being a parent.  (not that *I* need that entering my brain either!)


lanurseprn said...

It is absolutely amazing how far animation has come! I enjoy it a LOT! Haven't seen that movie yet. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Have a good night.

mumma4evr said...

are you going to share the ratatouille recipe???

amyrangei said...

I think with DVR you can program your favorite shows in?  We used to have it whem we had some money.