Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the Honolulu Marathon results

 (photo courtesy of Star Bulletin)

I did it!!  At my goal time too!!  Look at the crowd.  Yes, it was that crowded.  Over 27,000 people.  I placed 13,679 - so I made it within the top half!  And notice, not all the people are running.  LOTS of people walk. (lots of people shuffle and drag themselves too)  If I can do it - YOU can do it too.  You just need to train for it.  The training is so much better than the actual race.  Wearing the finishers shirt is the BEST.

My clock time was 6:59:40, but my chip time was 6:32:29 - which is what counts.  Because it took us 27 minutes to just get to the starting line.  Us slow folks who are honest are grouped in the very back and you shuffle and stand and shuffle and stand until you finally make it to the start.

I won't talk about the port-o-potties, they were disgusting.  Almost lost my cookies the two times I took a break.  Let's just say, yes, ladies CAN use urinals when push comes to shove.  <wretch>

We all got soaked from the downpours that happened before and during the beginning of the race.  So, we had trench foot.  I was terrified of blisters.  Thank goodness for technology.  I called up Gary and he met me at mile 22 with dry socks.  I had my spare shoes at the hotel, so he couldn't get them.  I ended up with blisters on 7 of my toes, but very manageable.  During the race I was ready to call the doc for toe amputation.  LOL! After the race, we practically had to stop suddenly, because the field was soupy mud.  Delicately picking your way is very dangerous.  I almost passed out twice.  I needed to MOVE.  My legs seized up and had extremely bad pain on the top of my right foot.  I think it was a tendon problem.  It took me about an hour to walk the mile to my hotel!  I'm all fine now.  Just a little sore and stiff.

There were quite a few people dressed up in crazy costumes.  One guy did the whole race backwards!  (I passed him)  I saw a couple of blind people being led.  We have a picture of one and I noticed that the girl leading him didn't have a bib.  Was she not registered??  She deserved credit for that!  I saw one girl pushing a very, very old lady in a regular wheelchair.  One lady worecapris, a straw hat, makeup, and carried a purse.  LOL!

I'll post pictures when I get a good one.  The ones Gary took I look like a maniac.  Crazy smile on my face.  I was determined to have fun.  I grumbled a lot at the beginning (due to the slowness), and gave myself a little kick in the rear that this was my long awaited event and dang it I was going to enjoy it.  So I changed my 'tude.  Hooted at the well-wishers, cheered at the big mile markers, sang with my mp3 player, and mugged for every camera I saw.  Shaka brah!


gosso23 said...

I am so proud of you! I hope it was all you dreamed of minus the blisters...hee hee. I can't wait to see pictures. You go girl!!

kmb10387 said...

Congratulations!    Great job, well done.

purplehazebarn said...

Congratulations.  You MADE it!  So happy for you.  That was a long race, and hope the toes soon heal.  You deserve to feel very proud of yourself.  LaVern

mumma4evr said...

wtg!!!!!  I am s o proud of you!