Wednesday, December 5, 2007

windy again!

I was looking through my archives to find out when it happened last year - it was January.  We are having a major wind storm again.  Just like last year.  Except, according to the (overreacting) news people, it's the worst ever!!  LOL!  It really was bad last night.  I didn't sleep a wink.  All the windows were closed in our house, but you know how airtight these houses are (not).  The verticle blinds in our room banged all night long.  I finally figured out how to rig them to not bang and after 2:30 I finally fell asleep.  This morning when Gary was going to leave, he called to me.  The garage door had been bent inwards.  Just by the wind.  Nothing had slammed against it!  It's cracked down the center and it takes a couple of people to get it to go up or down.  So I made Gary move the car out before he left, just in case the thing decides to fall.  We have an octopus tree that I've been wanting to call the landlord to come prune - well, nature pruned that sucker!  And, only 3 oranges fell off our orange tree.  Now THAT made me laugh.  I was certain that the tree would be bare, and the neighbors would be angry.  The tree has at least a hundred oranges on it. 

All in all, we fared well.  But school has been cancelled for today.  Lots of roads are closed.  Right now it is very calm, but they say more wind is to come.

Last night I was at my cooking class - I took desserts this time.  And the power went out on us.  We were expecting it and raced to make our desserts.  We made a ton!  It was so dark in the classrooms.  Some ladies actually had little flashlights in their purses!  i flipped open my cell phone to get a little bit of light.  They eventually sent some people from the office with flashlights to escort us to our cars.  This morning I read online that a palm frond had slammed into a power line, cutting out power for 1600 homes.   The neighborhood we live in has all underground cables - very chi-chi.

We have no television service, but the cable is working for the internet.  Weird.  I don't expect all this power to last all day, so I'm going to shower now. 


buggieboo1 said...

wow hope the winds die down for you and are not to bad again tonight!

~~Make it a Great day~~


mumma4evr said...

wow!!  that  was some wind!!!