Friday, December 7, 2007

what a week - moving and marathon news


I've got my bib.  I need to pack.  I need to put gas in the car.  I need to freak out.  I need to get a decent night's sleep.

I'll need to throw up if I get any more excited.

I picked up the packet yesterday.  As I was on the road, in front of Ala Moana park, I saw the no parking signs propped up ready for the weekend.  Then I looked to my left and saw the orange street signs stacked up waiting for the race.  I started crying.  What a sap.  But finally we are approaching the moment I've been training for for a year.  It's my "take that!" to cancer.  Komen race didn't phase me, but this, I'm gonna be a basket case when I cross that finish line.


Where are we moving next??  Good question.  Last week the placement officer gave Gary a list of jobs.  Gary suggested to him staying, but he seemed reluctant since he had someone picked for it already.  So Monday Gary told him we choose the JAG school in Charlottesville.  Seemed okay.  Told the boys and got them on board and excited about it.  We even had a lead on a house.  But, as per typical of our military experience, they informed us yesterday where we were actually going to be.  We're staying!

This is good.  It actually took me getting my brain focused on moving to realize how much I actually would miss it here.  I've been teary all weekend.  And now, we are staying!  THat's great!


gosso23 said...

Wow! I can't believe it's here already. I know you are going to do just fine. You can do it!! What a way of kicking cancer in the butt. I will be thinking about you. Good luck
Glad to here you don't have to move. I know your kids have made friends and I know that they will be happy.
Take care and good luck! Trish

purplehazebarn said...

Lots of luck on the marathon.  Know how hard you have prepared, so you will DO it!  Imagine it is a great relief knowing you will be staying in Hawaii--what a lovely place to live.  So glad you don't have to move, and place the boys in a new school.  Enjoy!  Hugs, LaVern

lanurseprn said...

I'm so proud of you taking it all on!