Tuesday, December 18, 2007

pictures from our camera

My boys spent the night with friends of ours the night before the marathon.  You will see Patrick, the bleach blonde curly haired boy, who the boys just love.  And his mom, Susan, a great friend of mine.  One of the infamous "vortex" moms and fellow Pokie Mom.  This group was my cheering posse.  I bought disposable cameras for all the boys.  This set of pictures is from our digital camera.  I'll post Jake and Ryan's next...

This is actually a picture from our digital camera taken by Gary.  I was so glad to see him because he had dry socks for me!  Yippee!  Do you see the two people in orange behind me.  The girl with the yellow bib is leading the man who is blind.  I saw at least two pairs like this on the course.  Amazing.  We're at mile 21 1/2.

Ah!  Dry socks.  My shoes still stink...

I'm off again.  Gary said it's too hard to spot me wearing white shirt and black shorts - that's what everyone is wearing!!  I'm on the middle right there.

Shortly after getting my new socks Gary spotted the vaseline crew, so I stopped to grease up my tootsies.  This is my cheering posse.  Susan is showing me the poster they made.  That's Ryan in red.

Off again, shaka brah.  At mile 22, you can see the mile marker in the back.  And in front of that mile marker are bags and bags of ice that people are sitting on!  So funny!

Coming down the home stretch.  Notice that I'm not paying a whole lot of attention to making a fast finish.

I'm in the finish there somewhere behind the orange shirts.  You can't see me.

I've been lei'd.  Twice.  Notice my Ford wings tattoo.  One of those breast cancer awareness thingies.

All done and back together with my posse.


lanurseprn said...

What an exciting event for you to participate in!!! You look wonderful dear! Absolutely very healthy and athletic to be sure. Good job!!
That smile you have says it all that you had fun fun fun!!
Gongrats to you!

gosso23 said...

You look so cute! It looks like you had a really good time (aside from the wet socks).....You should be so proud! I know I am proud of you!!!!!