Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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just to keep things moving...

What I've been up to lately.  I went to Borders and bought a Singapore guide book and have been devouring it!   I cannot wait until our trip!  It's going to be so exciting.  Frankly, if something happens and I can't make the trip, I would be so dissapointed.  It seems that this small island holds a lot to do.  Multi-cultures, exotic foods, rain forest, trails, shopping, mosques and temples (not that I'm dying to see those, but it's a once in a lifetime trip) and on and on it goes.  I'm determined to go against my grain and plan an itinerary.  I'll have to in order to get everything in!  I need to finish reading the book and write down the major areas I want to visit, and then plan out what little things are in the area and how to get there.  I don't want to waste my time getting lost and being stranded, starving and crying somewhere.  The guide book I have is excellent.  It comes with a little pocket map that pinpoints some key restaurants in the major areas.  And on the back it has the restaurant description.  I think Singapore is right up my alley.  They like to eat and shop.  :-)  What's not to like?  And it's clean!  As long as I can manage to restrain myself from littering and spitting, I might manage to avoid a caning.

I say that with humor.  But seriously, I'm reading the history of Singapore (the condensed version) so I can have a proper appreciation of the city-country.  And I must say that the temples do make me a little nervous.  Particularly the Hindu one that I saw a picture of and a Buddhist one.  Uncomfortable for me.  Especially since I'm in Exodus in my reading.  God is very adamant that he is to be worshipped alone.  I may have to do a little prayer walking.  I was googling and such and ran across the website for the International Baptist Church of Singapore!  What a surprise!  They kinda gloss over the existence of  Protestant churches in the guidebook.  This church seems large.  They have 3 English language services and several other language services, plus AWANA and VBS!  I would love to go to a sunday service, but Gary says we will be arriving in Singapore at midnight on Saturday night.  We may not feel alive and functional the next morning.

That's what I've been up to.

Took the boys to Spiderwick Friday.  It was quite scarey.  Didn't strictly stick to the book.  My boys won't say they were scared, but they were on the edge of their seats.  They are 8.

Went to a college baseball game on Sunday.  Jake's name was drawn and he won some prizes.  :-)

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gosso23 said...

How wonderful that you get to go to Singapore.  I know you will have a wonderrul time. You have such an adventurous life!  I need some adventure...lol