Wednesday, February 27, 2008

what to do... chain letter emails

I don't know if you get or send this kind of email, but it just makes me ill to my stomach.  Normally I delete it immediately.  I can usually tell just from the title and don't even bother opening it up.  Or I can tell from who the sender is. 

I hope you are not one of those that does the sending.

Trust me, it's annoying to recieve and your email usually gets deleted.  So if you actually end up sending something personal, it never gets recieved.  Plus, all the ill will you've established is just no good.  I mean, hey, I still like the girl, but I question her intelligence now.

I just got one in the email, but the subject said "picture" so I was hoping it was a family picture.  Wrong.  It was a picture of a man with the word "Jesus" under it.  This is what the email said:

The president of Argentina received this picture and called it junk mail, 8 days later his son died.


A man received this & immediately sent out copies... his surprise was winning the lottery.


Alberto Martinez received this picture, gave it to his secretary to make copies but they forgot to distribute; she lost her job & he lost his family.


This picture is miraculous & sacred.


Send to 10 people.

It sounds to me the picture is EVIL!  Not miraculous or sacred.  IF you believe a word of it.  It's just threatening. 

I also get the other kind that has either a poem, song, inspirational pictures, touching story, blah, blah, blah.  All with the threat at the end.  You are a horrible person and bad friend if you don't pass this to everyone you know. 

Don't get me started on how mad it makes me that these things are wrapped in a veil of religiosity.

Well, I just delete the things.  I'm not easily threatened.  By junk mail.


So, today's above email I just HAD to send a reply to the sender.  I asked her nicely to stop sending this kind of email to me.  Well, I think I said it nicely.  I wonder if she will send it to 10 more people since I copied the contents of her email.  LOL!  Ohhhh!  That's soooo bad! 

Another bad thing about all this, she sent it from her work email and it was sent to her from another work email - probably her boss!  All this time wasted on chain emails.  It's a miracle the world hasn't come to a screeching halt due to all these distractions.

But hey, this is just my opinion.  If you have a good reason to send these sorts of things, please enlighten me!  I'd love to hear the reasoning.  It'd be fun.  (do I know what I ask??)

Oh, I googled.  The president of Argentina is female (she succeeded her husband) and her children are referred to in the present tense - so I'm assuming they are alive.  I'm just saying...


gosso23 said...

I hate these too! I will never foward them and if I like the content and want to send it along to my sisters I will delete the....if you don't send this to jibberish....and then I will send it to them.  Those stupid emails can play with your head!

lanurseprn said...

I can't stand them! I especially dislike the ones that say "If you are a true friend you will send it back to the sender." What??
If I returned all of those emails and got all of them back, I'd never have time to do anything.
GREAT post!  

fierrorachel said...

Pam sent me over, and I agree 100%.  I am sick to death of those.  If there is a cute story that I think someone (NOT everyone in my address book) would enjoy, I copy that section and paste it into a new email.

Can I add to your rant?  *IF* you must forward something to me, clean it up first!  Delete all of the headers from all of the places it's been before.  Get rid of the signature line of the last person who sent it.  Get rid of all the >>> that may exist.  Nobody enjoys digging through that crap.  Clean it up, and THEN send to ONLY those who would REALLY like receiving it.


gehi6 said...

I agree.  Brave girl!  And that one you quoted, oh I don't like those!  I came from Pam's journal.  You are both saying something I think needs to be said.  Gerry