Monday, May 5, 2008

stephanie's wild weekend alone


Wild my heiny.  This will be a really boring diatribe detailing my weekend.

I got a little alone time this weekend.   The guys camped with the boy scouts - and I wasn't about to spend the night with the centipedes. 

I had all these great plans.  Which included working on the outdoor furniture and shampooing the carpet.  Didn't happen!

Me and another cubscout mom had plans to rent 27 dresses and eat at California Pizza Kitchen - even that didn't work out as planned.  She informed me that she was on the hunt for a karaoke version of God Bless the USA for her son to sing in a talent show - so I was game to tag along and help her search.  Zippo.  27 dresses was not available so we ended up renting the Jane Ausin Book Club - more thumbs down than thumbs up.  Do they really have to put in the "love" scenes?  Lame characters lacking in the morals department.  It would probably be better if I re-read the Jane Austin books.  Not my cup of tea.  I prolly should steer clear of the chick flicks.  Anyway, we were at the mall which is far away from the CPK so we ate at the IHOP.  That was okay.  Love my rooty tooty fresh and frooty blueberry pancakes.  Oh, and the karaoke thing?  The Borders gal reminded us that you can download music really cheap off the internet.  Ding, ding, ding!  How did I forget that?  Plus she needs only the one song.  Kudos to the Borders gal.

So that was friday night.  The movie was done by 9:30 and my friend left, but I still didn't manage to get to bed until midnight.  Hard to do that final goodnight when the spouse is gone.

Woke up at 5:30 on Saturday and headed out for a 10 mile walk.  It was great.  Got dressed and went downtown and signed up for the next Honolulu Marathon!!  Woot-woot!  Grabbed some Chinese food and my friend called me as I was shoveling down the last forkfuls of rice and offered to drive me to the campout.  Uh, I forgot to mention that Gary's car broke down Thursday on his way home from work - so I was carless for most of Friday.  I accepted my friend's offer even though I had a working car by that time.  with gas prices, you gotta carpool!  So that took until 8:30 pm.  Another wasted day.  I watch the last of the Chronicles of Narnia and folded laundry.  I dvr'd it for the boys - we are going to read the book together this summer then I'll let them watch it.

Then Sunday I went to church, grabbed some Quiznos for lunch and waited for the brood to come home.  I missed them.  And I accomplished absolutely nothing - except for signing up for the marathon.

Oh, I did catch Pride and Prejudice this afternoon.  A much better movie than the other that shall now remain nameless...


gosso23 said...

I'm so excied for you that you signed up for another marathon! Good for you!
I have not been on the journals for a while....just not feeling too good lately.
I mean I feel good physically...but mentally, I've been a little depressed and I don't know why! I have never been like this before...I just don't want to go whine on my journal about it...lolol. Keep training for that marathon!!
Take care,

lanurseprn said...

Glad you had fun! I laughed because I was wondering "Why does she need 27 dresses just to go eat pizza....??" DUH!! LOL!  I think I need more coffee....

Good job on the walk! That's a long way! P and P is a great movie! I love it! I bought the book and now I want to read it LOL!
Have a good day.