Wednesday, June 6, 2007

ahhhh, in a much better place


I had my appointment with my plastic surgeon today.  It was a good appointment.  I didn't even have to do much/any whining.  We are on the same page on the changes we want to see, and he says that he thinks a gel implant would get better results, the fullness and projection I need.  But it's still early and he doesn't want to see me again for a couple of more months.  Whew!  I can live with that.  And I like the idea that I'm giving it time to improve so I may not even want to swap.

What a relief.  And I feel so blessed that I do have options available to me.  I just need to make sure that I don't get my hopes up too high and my expectations are realistic.  Ya know?  That's why it's so good that I'm getting a few months to sit on it.  You know, this morning, before I left for my appointment, I saw pictures of an online friend who had reconstruction gone very wrong.  She had had radiation in 2004 and last year went through the expansion/implant route.  She did a couple of revision surgeries, she had a lot of scarring, and her incisions have since opened up.  It's just so painful looking, and it is painful to her.  (please consider autologus reconstruction if you've had rads!)  It's given me pause.  Do I really want to risk the good healing and so-so results, and potentially exchange them for bad healing and horrible results?  You know, I'm not completely flat, like after the mastectomy.  What I have I can get by with, if you don't really look, and most people don't. 

So, I thusly close this chapter on the boob monologues.  LOL!  I may throw in a bra shopping expedition or two, but I pretty much hope to be silent about it for at least a little while.

Oh, one last thing - my lifted side -it's HOT!  I LOVE it!  Who says you've gotta have big'uns to be HOT!  This B cup is da bomb!  I'm gonna enjoy it before gravity takes over.   Where are those girls gone wild cameras?  LOL!  Just kidding!


mumma4evr said...

I would love to be a B again!!!  and perky???? I don't remember perky

lanurseprn said...

LMAO you are so funny! I pictured you swinging one boob for the girls gone wild camera.  Dancing and just showing one boob. Too funny!