Friday, June 22, 2007

rules are made for breaking, right?

LOL!  We've been here in North Carolina for a week, and I've surely gained 5 pounds already.  My mom greeted us with The Barefoot Contessa's Outragious Brownies - and then proceeded to bake sugar cookies with the boys.  Stayed a few days and then went to my MIL's house where we've eaten non-stop.  I counted - we've eaten fried chicken at 4 meals!!  Not to mention bar-b-que, hush puppies, sweet iced tea, good mexican (Hawaii can't make Mexican food) - yadda, yadda.  Ice cream.  Fresh from the garden vegetables - of course, laden with either butter or lard and salt.

I've done SOME walking.  I've got blisters on my toes, so I took a break today - but tomorrow - long walk day.

When we first got here we were freezing!  Didn't even make it to 70.  Luckily, we had left a box of winter clothes here at my folks house - so we had sweaters and sweatshirts.  LOL!  It was colder than we got in our winter in Hawaii, I do believe!  It would have been fine if I had brought a pair of long pants and mom didn't insist we eat outside!

Gotta go - typing on borrowed time here.  I'll try to update before we leave.


mumma4evr said...

yeah...welcome to the East Coast...where summer seems ot have taken a is chilly here in NY too!

gosso23 said...

Nice to hear from you. Hope our having a good time. It's ok to eat! Your on vacation! Take care and have fun.

nay0114 said...

Glad all the families are glad to see you. I mean heck sounds like this is the only chance your mom is gonna get to cook for you all. Dontcha love moms. Sounds like some good eatin going on over there.
Take care, Chrissie