Monday, June 11, 2007

rule #4

Ugh.  Time for another rule.  The weeks fly by pretty fast.

Okay, positive rule and easy.

4.  have a yogurt or skim milk snack once a day

My dairy intake is pitiful.  It usually comes in the form of cheese.  I don't like milk in cereal.  I had a bad milk incident during pregnancy, so I can't just drink it plain.  When I do drink it, it's always skim and chocolate (sugar free Quik).  I just don't do it often enough.  I think this rule will ensure that I get it twice a day, or at least once a day on my bad days. 

Okay, so this week is taken care of.  But I'm going out of town for 3 weeks and I will not be guaranteed any online time.  So this is my vacation rule.  I'm granting myself one unhindered Bojangle visit.  Spicy fried chicken, biscuit, spicy fries and hurt your teeth sweet iced tea.  I'm sure we will eat out a lot, so my challenge will be to order the most healthy thing on the menu.  If there aren't good options, then to keep portion size down.  I am determined not to gain weight (hard to do in the deep south).  Plus, my official marathon training begins while I'm gone, so I WILL keep up with my walks.  Which will be a challenge.  I'm terrified of loose dogs when I walk.  Plus, the towns we are going to are very small.  I went online to a site I have where you can map out a route and get mileage.  Gee, I swear these towns are about 1 square mile!  And that's weaving in and out of streets.  Small town America.  I'm not about to wander winding country roads that have no shoulder or sidewalk. 

confession: twice this week I ate after 8.  Once by accident, and the other was willful.  I took an evening walk tonight and am really desiring to snack - but I think that's from habit.  So instead I'm chugging water, on the pc and watching a scary movie.  I've done good with the fruit, in fact, it's a nice addition to breakfast.  And I've been challeneged only a couple of times with the seconds and did good.


gosso23 said...

Sounds like your doing good! I switched my family to skim milk years ago. My hubby was a whole milk drinker and I gradually brought him down to skim. I will go to the store and buy 6 yogurts because they are on sale..then I eat 2 and the rest get thrown away after a It's so hard to get on track with eating right and your doing fine. Don't beat yourself up for a few little cheats. I got up in the middle of the night and ate a donut last night..hee hee.

lanurseprn said...

Sounds like you are doing well. I know how hard it is in the South. Man those ladies can cook!!
Hope you have a good day.