Monday, June 4, 2007

rule day

So, like I predicted, rule #2 was harder than you would think.  The day I got my hair done, I didn't get my fruit in.  I've done okay otherwise, but I really have to think about it and make a conscientious effort.  Not a habit yet - so I will plug away at it.  I think it's a good rule.

Rule #1 is still an effort too.  I'm so glad I have this rule.  It has prevented many empty calories from entering my body.  It's a keeper.

Rule #3 is going to be a "negative" rule - but an easy one, since I'm still working on #2 too.  So, rule # 3 is: no seconds!

I don't do that a whole lot, but I definitely do it if I make biscuits.  I even PLAN for it!  I always bake enough for everyone to have 2.  And the second usually ends up being after I've already cleaned my plate - so it's not like I need it, and I"m usually overstuffed after eating it.  So, it's gotta go.  Gluttony for sure.

I've been thinking about future rules, and I'm going to have to make some concerning candy holidays like Halloween.  My boys went to a birthday party and brought home tons of candy from a pinata - guess who's been eating it?  Plus I'll want to implement rules that will encourage eating new healthy foods.  I've been trying for years to learn to like sweet potatoes.  I've written about it many times.  I've toyed with the idea of a rule being, "try a new fruit or vegetable or other healthy food every week".  And rules like, "eat fish twice a week" or "make 2 (1?) meatless suppers a week" - and these would involve planning ahead and a longer span of time than just one week.  I don't know if I can find that many meatless dinners that 'the people' will eat.  So it will be a challenge.  But I want to make it more of a game than a chore.  Otherwise, I won't do it.

But, for now, it's still baby steps.  I'll use my free time (ha-ha-ha!) to do some meal planning for future challenges.  I don't know, summer is really going to be interesting with the boys home.  They are at a much better age to help with the cooking.  Last week I got them to help me make snickerdoodles.  I had made the dough and they helped roll the balls and dip them in the cinnamon sugar.  Sure, it's cookies.  Of course they will help.  They even want to start a snickerdoodle company called Snickies.  LOL!  Think I can get them to roll sushi by the end of summer?  LOL!  Doubt it!  But hey, that's an idea.  They are horrified by the idea of sushi.  We have so many sushi restaurants here - like Sushi Man and Mr. Sushi.  I keep teasing them (I'm sure I shouldn't).  Maybe I can find a tasty faux sushi, like a dessert sushi we can make.  Hmmmm. I'll have to google it.  BTW, I'm not a sushi fan.  The combination of the vinegar smell and the fishy smell of the nori just gag me.  That'll be a good thing to overcome.  :-)


am4039 said...

I love fruit so eating it is easy. Now I can't give up chocolate. I need to but it's hard. LOL. Good luck with the dieting.

mumma4evr said...

I have been ding the diet thing since  November and often I make 2 meals.  Once a week, I try to cook enough for me, that I can just heat up my meal, so that  I am  not making making 2 meals every day!!