Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm still here...

but oh so busy!

I'm still training for the marathon.  I was scheduled to do 12 miles Saturday, but due to route change, I did 13 miles.  First time eating during a walk and it made me miserable!  And I didn't eat much!  My stomach has got to get with it and learn to digest while walking.  I hit the wall at least a dozen times.  It was awful.  But, that's what the training is all about.  Work out these kinks so it won't happen during the marathon.

I've got a group of moms that come to my house on Fridays to pray for the schools and our kids for an hour.  I'm not the leader, just the host.  And I'm glad to do it.  Did I already write about this?  it forces me to clean my house every week - so Gary is happy.  But that's not why I'm happy to do it.  I've been praying for an opportunity like this ever since I started going to moms in touch.  I tried to host before, but I had a cat, which is terrible for people who have allergies.  No cat this time!  No excuses.

On Monday mornings I go in to the school and help the parent liason - mostly making copies and distributing things.  No big deal.  Just helping ease her load.

On Monday nights I doing a Beth Moore bible study.;  That started tonight.  It's gonna be good!!  So that may consume all my extra time - may not get to journal with any sort of frequency.

My tofu cooking class started last week - and I missed it!  I had it in my head that it was starting tomorrow!  Wah!  It's like a nightmare...  And there are only 4 classes.  Well, I guess it's a good thing that I'm not being graded - but I really wanted to learn some things.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.  Maybe there were some handouts - or I'll get a refund and take it next semester.

The boys are doing good.  We are working on writing thank you notes.  It's slow going.

Still doing weight watchers.  Weighed in today.  I lost another 1.2 pounds putting me at a total 10.8 pounds lost!!  yeah!

Oh, I wanted to add that I'm taking another meal to my friend that is going through chemo.  I believe I"ve mentioned her before - she has 7 kids, homeschools them and her husband is deployed.  He was due home today - I hope he made it home fine.  I'm not about to call and disturb!!!  Anyway, I found out that she was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant with her youngest - who is now 9!  She became wheelchair bound just a year after diagnosis.  Her cancer metastesized into her bones, I think, and just recently was found in her liver.  So she's been battling this thing for at least 9 years!  She's totally sweet.  She works in the boys' sunday school class.  I tell them when I'm taking a meal to her family and, in typical boy fashion, they say "again??"  I have to remind them that she is ill and on chemo.  I guess her personality transcends the wheelchair.  I'm going to get them to draw a picture for her for when I take the meal.  I'm feeling like breakfast, so I'm taking a apple-cinnamon raisin french toast strata.  And sausage patties.  I got the strata recipe from one of my online friends.  She says it's her Christmas breakfast staple - I haven't eaten it, but if it's good enough for a special meal like Christmas breakfast, then it's good enough for Dottie.  Unfortunately, Tuesday is Dottie's chemo day, so she may not even get a chance to eat any.  But I hope her family enjoys it.


amyrangei said...

OMG you are busy!  Where do you get the energy???

mumma4evr said...

a friend of mine is starting to go to NYC 5 days a week for 6 weeks for radiation for a brain tumor.  I will be watching her youngest and taking him to pre-school.  I was thinking of making some meals that I can freeeze that her husband can just poop into the oven at night,...any good recipes???

lanurseprn said...

I'm catching up here. Haven't been by for awhile. WOW on the 13 miles! You go girl! With all that exercise you are bound to lose weight...I don't see why you'd have to do WW at all!
Sorry to hear about your friend being sick. What a nightmare for her. Nice of you to help her out.