Monday, September 24, 2007

my team for the Komen race for the cure...

Well, I created a team.  Here's the link if you have any notion of donating:

It is bare bones basic folks.  I do not  have the time to do all the fancy stuff, not that I wouldn't love to though.  What's even more pitiful, is that when I created the team, I was in a hurry, so I didn't make an extra donation at the time, just paid the race fee - and went back later to make the donation, in the wrong spot!  So the team didn't get credited for the donation!  Fooey.

Now I have to drum up team members.  They require 10 for a team.  3 of my friends have told me they would do it - we'll see.  I invited some friends from church - again, we'll see.  I'll ask some moms on the playground.

The playground.  major drama there.  Conflict with the school, the state, the PTSA and the community.  It sounds like lawyers were involved.  Talk of fencing it in and making it a school only thing.  This has got all of us in an uproar.  It is truly a special playground.  I need to post pictures.

We went to the University of Hawaii football game last night.  A first for the boys.  It was good for them because UH scored over and over.  A very high scoring game (for us).  What I didn't like is that the fans shred up the bulletins and throw it like confetti.  Pure trash on the field.  Nasty.  Too ghetto for me.


*edited to say that my team name is POKIE MOMS

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